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Why Maxfort School Pitampura Is The Best School In Delhi?

May 27, 2019

When it comes to the top list of schools, parents have to plan wisely way ahead to choose the best schools in Delhi. It is good to stay updated about the best schools in Pitampura as you will find a long list of schools here.

Maxfort School, Pitampura is one of the best schools in Pitampura.

Therefore, this article tells you Why Maxfort School Pitampura is the Best School in Delhi.

About Maxfort School Pitampura

Every child is educable when given a conducive environment, and the best schools in Delhi like Maxfort School Pitampura respects these diverse capabilities of every child.

Every child has the right to access knowledge and skills and keeping these evolutionary changes and the changing face of society towards education, there arises an immediate need to develop a dynamic curriculum so that Maxfortians get the balanced and best education to prepare them for the world waiting out there.

Maxfort School Pitampura seek to empower them with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and help them to evolve into socially conscious and responsible personalities.

Maxfort School is the best school in Pitampura as a team of professional educators leads them.

This team seeks advice regularly from its advisory board for the bright future of Maxfortians. The advisory board members of Maxfort are high esteemed educationists with a wide range of expertise.

Mr. S. Regunathan, IAS (Retd.),
Mr. C.N.S Nair, IAS (Retd.) and Mr. Narendra Prasad, IAS (Retd.) are a few members in the advisory board.


Maxforts curriculum is a powerful tool initiated by them after gaining an in-depth understanding of how children understand, learn, and develop themselves.

The Maxfort School has a strong Curriculum that is relevant in the current global scenario and empowers Maxfortians in every aspect of personality development.

This curriculum helps every child to grow up as a personality, preparing them mentally, physically, and emotionally to make their lives better and successful.

Max Empowerment

At various stages of growth, children tastes for food and clothing, similarly they will have a taste for their learning just like all other needs.

This is why the Maxfort school Pitampura, has initiated a MaxPower curriculum, which is a thematic approach.

Each of the levels empowers Maxfortians through its objectives, syllabi, and curriculum.

Every child is unique, and the facilitators at Maxfort are not just teachers and help every Maxfortian learn through exploration, not imposition because they should realize that success is an attitude not merely an aptitude.

The curriculum encourages the children to ask questions because questions drive learning, not answers at Maxfort.

Beyond Academics

Being one of the best schools in Delhi, Maxfort school Pitampura encourages Maxfortians in sports, Excursions, Dance, Music, Arts and Crafts besides regular academics.

Sports and Games

Exercise is to the body as reading and knowledge are to the mind. Physical activities contribute not only to physical fitness but also to physical efficiency, mental wellness, and development of qualities such as team spirit and leadership.

Sports give an opportunity for self-expression and self-improvement and are useful in developing good character and individual personality.

This is why the emphasis is laid on Maxfortians to take up sports in the MaxPower curriculum.

Maxfort School Pitampura have a team of sports professionals to support development in sports like Tennis, Cricket, etc.  They help identify the abilities of young children and nurture their skills.

Children at Maxfort are encouraged to participate in sports and events for their development rather defeat others.

Maxfort school Pitampura has Tennis and Basketball courts, Cricket pitches, Swimming pool, Skating area, Snooker, and Pool.


Maxfort School organizes regular trips and tours to places of interest such as the Science and Railway Museums, NASA, Radio Stations, Historic Places, and even outstation excursions as they are an engaging way to develop students’ mind.

Apart from gaining knowledge, these excursions help Maxfortians to build self-confidence, organizational and interpersonal skills, and social etiquettes.


At Maxfort, dancing is a medium through which Maxfortians learn to express their thoughts and expressions.

As a part of the MaxPower Curriculum, dance allows children to enhance knowledge by learning different styles.

They also develop courage and leave stage fear by performing during the School Assemblies and on stage. In young children, dance not only enhances knowledge but also helps in building muscle strength, motor coordination, and even mental wellness.

Arts & Crafts

Art has been scientifically proven to influence a child’s development in more ways than one! Art encompasses all kinds of audio-visual forms such as painting, theatre, movie, music, dance, among others.

It can be a compelling and engaging way to teach languages; build physical agility; develop teamwork, self-expression, and self-confidence among Maxfortians.


A critical component of MaxPower Curriculum, Theaterama provides Maxfortians with a platform to showcase their inherent creative potential.

Through theaterama, Maxfort helps children to learn teamwork and evolve as confident and self-assured personalities.


Scientific research says music education and brain development goes side by side. Music brings inner peace by getting attuned to the many languages of music like beats, rhythm, pitch numbers, and note letter names.

Children in music education can easily pick up complex expressions, grasp the fundamentals of Mathematics and Sciences besides making Maxfortians more self-confident through stage performances.


Being the best school in Delhi, Maxfort school Pitampura provides world-class facilities, spacious classrooms, library, labs, etc. that helps Maxfortians in learning and improving their skills.

Infrastructure includeSpacious Classroom and Ergonomically designed furniture, library with internet access, Clean and hygienic Cafeteria, Medical Room for first aid, Gymnasium, Audio – Visual Rooms, Science and Computer Labs and Others- Tennis and Basketball courts, Cricket Pitches, Swimming Pool, Skating Area, etc.

Address: Zone H 4 and 5, Parwana Road, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034.

Contact  number : 011 – 27034035, 27034036, 27034798, 27034799

Email ID : info@maxfortpitampura.com

With a good vision, the strong curriculum at each level with a set of objectives and syllabi, extra-curricular activities that help the Maxfortians to build self-confidence and enhances learning and world-class infrastructure makes Maxfort School Pitampura one of the best schools in Delhi

The School

MaxFort Pitampura

MaxFort School Pitampura
A Day at MaxFort
“When you make the finding yourself-even if you are the last person on Earth to see the light – you will never forget it.”
Carl Sagan
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Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.

Dr. Seuss

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Progressive Level
The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of
the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.

Grayson Kirk

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Max Empowerment

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