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Sports is always vibrant at Maxfort, one of the Best Schools in Delhi

Sport is friendship, Sport is health, Sport is education, Sport is life, Sport brings the world together.
-Juan Antonio Samaranch

Physical education is a vital element for the holistic development of the body and mind. It encompasses not just the benefits of physical activity such as fitness and agility but also enhances cognitive and social development. It empowers the young minds, promoting confidence and self esteem and also motivates students to improve academic performance. Considering the numerous benefits of sports and physical education, Maxfort School lays great importance on including various kinds of sports activities within the curriculum.

Multidimensional Sports Campus

The Sports campus at Maxfort School, one of the Best Schools in Delhi, is dotted with playing fields for different sports such as Cricket, Basket ball, Lawn Tennis and many others. The school has a professional team of coaches to train students in varied sports activities. The coaches at Maxfort School help students to identify their talent and encourage them to acquire special skills in the sports of their interest and inclination.

Several inter and intra school sports tournaments are organized at Maxfort School to give the students practice and feel of competitive matches. Participating in the several sports activities, the students develop qualities like perseverance, leadership and obedience to rules and regulations that enhance their overall personality. Apart from learning these soft skills and enjoying the game, the students at Maxfort School also develop physical fitness and agility that help them to grow into smart all round individuals. And most of all students learn about team spirit that truly defines the essence of why sports must be played!

A team is not a group of people who work together. A team is a group of people who trust each other.
– Simon Sinek

Basket Ball

Basket Ball, It’s not just a sport. It is a Lifestyle.

Over the years, Basket Ball has gained popularity as a high intensity sport driving the spectators off their seats due to the thrill involved. The fast pace game that involves dribbling, shooting, defense, passing and many other aspects has become a rage among students for its physical as well as mental benefits.

At Maxfort School, we have a specialized Basket Ball court that is designed to aid the students in jumping, running, dribbling etc. Completely safe for students to play, it is an international standard turf that prevents injuries, water logging and gives the students a great playing experience.

The expert professional coaches at Maxfort help children to learn various aspects and skills of the game. The regular matches and competitions keep the students motivated helping to instill in them team spirit, confidence and competence apart from physical fitness, endurance and muscular strength.

Offering an all round workout, the students enjoy the excitement and energy of Basket ball apart from having fun and acquiring life skills.

Table Tennis

Happiness is sometimes no words, just the sound of a ball.

The sound of the little plastic ball going ping pong on the table is sweet and rejuvenating. A very simple, inexpensive sport that can be played at any age, Table Tennis has been called the greatest Brain Sport by psychologists. Offering a great cardiovascular exercise, the game has been found to increase brain activity to an extent that no other sport offers.

Table Tennis is a game that makes a person agile both physically and mentally. Requiring great reflexes and focus, it stimulates every part of the brain. Tracking the ball in space, figuring out the spin, planning shots and strategizing, it offers a great mental work out.

At Maxfort School, keeping in mind the amazing benefits of this simple yet enthralling and fascinating game, we provide the students an opportunity to play Table Tennis.

The highly qualified coaches teach the students, skills like backhand push, slow forehand, top spin roll etc. so that the good become better and the novices advance their game. Several competitions are organized to keep the students motivated and build their interest in the game.

Developing core skills like body positioning, concentration and hand-eye coordination, Table Tennis gives students a great combo of fun, physical fitness and mental exercise. And students continue to play and learn the art of living and winning!

Lawn Tennis

Life is like a game of tennis, the pl

The most wonderful and amazing game, Lawn Tennis is very popular throughout the world coming just after soccer. Having millions of followers, fans and players across the globe, Lawn Tennis provides adrenaline rushing action keeping the viewers on the edges of their seats.

Lawn Tennis is good for a complete body workout helping to improve flexibility, agility, balance and body coordination. It helps to lose excess fat apart from improving immunity.

Lawn Tennis is a great game for mental health helping the brain to learn strategizing and implementing new techniques without fear or hesitation.

Perceiving the importance of this entertaining and rejuvenating game, Maxfort School provides outstanding facilities for playing Lawn Tennis to the students. The world class 9 layer Tennis Court at Maxfort gives students an opportunity to learn the sport and excel beyond their potential.

The professional coaches at Maxfort School are equally impressive, training students all the minute details of the game. Students who demonstrate special potential are trained exclusively while all the others are guided to improve and excel in their game. Special training sessions are arranged for all students after the school hours under the instructions of highly qualified tennis professionals.

The students learn the skills and enjoy the euphoria of playing this exhilarating game as they execute the perfect shot or volley.


Cricket civilizes people and creates good gentlemen. – Robert Mugabe

Cricket in India is not just a game, it is an obsession and cricket players are worshipped like Gods. Any spare piece of land can become host to a game of bat versus ball with no shortage of audience.

At Maxfort, we realize the phenomenal love our students have for this game and so they need not look for a spare ground to play. Rather, we provide them an excellent green ground with a proper cemented pitch, well looked after out-field, practice nets, cricketing gear and other latest equipment to meet their needs for practice sessions or competitive play. There are different time slots for different age groups so that all students get an opportunity to experience this interesting match between bat and ball.

The students also get to learn the tricks of the game from the professional coaches at Maxfort, who train the students to excel in this unique game that the whole country is passionate about. They also develop lot of patience and endurance as Cricket, though a gentleman’s game is after all not so gentle when it comes to physical exertion. Involving a rigorous batting and balling regime, it requires lot of stamina, focus, mental strength and fitness to meet the physical and mental challenges of the game.

Coping with all types of weather conditions on the field, the students develop physical resilience. They also learn about team spirit and sportsmanship as they play together as a team.

Despite the heavy determination and grit required for this game, the students at Maxfort School continue to play it with great enthusiasm learning all the tangible as well as non-tangible life lessons hidden on the pitch.


Swimming is a sport, everything else is just a game.

At Maxfort School, we recognize the significant role sports plays in the development of a child. Apart from the various physical benefits, participation in sports activities plays a great role in acquiring life skills such as confidence, self respect and a more cultivated sense of morality.

Continuing our endeavors to provide a wide range of sports activities as part of the School Curriculum, Maxfort School also offers a world class Swimming Pool for its students. A Splash pool caters to the needs of the senior students reinvigorating them in the summer months.

Professional and highly trained coaches provide training to the students while skilled Life Guards ensure their safety.

Swimming can easily qualify as a miracle sport offering a complete body workout. It not only helps in providing exercise for all the muscle groups of the body, it even burns calories reducing weight. A great exercise for the heart too, it lowers hypertension, reduces back pain and boosts the brain to work better.

Engaging the students in this fun activity, we at Maxfort ensure that students learn this sport not only for its physical and mental benefits but also for the sheer pleasure that this sports adds to their life!


If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.

Roller Skating is a fun sport where the joy can be felt not only by the participants but also by the onlookers. It is a great game for all ages. A unique combination of pleasure with exercise, it is a sport that children can enjoy while they get a good workout too.Maxfort School has a Roller Skating rink within the school campus to promote this smart activity that burns calories while at play. Working out every muscle in the body Roller Skating also improves balancing, flexibility, agility and co-ordination. It keeps the body in great shape by increasing muscular strength and endurance. A great way to release stress and build enthusiasm, Roller Skating is a fun sport that kids really love.

The trained professionals at Maxfort School provide Skating lessons to students and help them to practice so that they learn to excel in the sport.

A unique sport, the students at Maxfort School love skating for the amusement it provides and we love it for it keeps our students healthy and fit!

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