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Extracurricular Activities At Best Delhi Private School

September 4, 2019

The days are gone when the schools were only restricted to the teaching of academics.

The day started with a classroom session and ended with a classroom session in the traditional schools.

Today, the best Delhi private schools provide smart learning to the kids for their holistic development.

It is the age of cut-throat competition, and excellence in every field is the need of the hour to not only survive oneself but emerge as a winner too.

If studies are important, so are sports and music.

These extra-curricular activities at best private schools in Delhi help to inculcate a lot of good qualities in the children such as discipline, ability to work in teams, soft skills development, and much more.

A child’s involvement in these activities means a wide exposure to the real world.

Interaction with the other children, who are also a part of these extra activities, makes them smarter, amiable and helps eliminate the communication inhibition.

It is observed that some parents are bothered that these extra-curricular activities distract the kids from academics.

But they must understand that it is equally important to identify their passion or talent and promote them.

They also must know that even a little participation in these activities results in improved brain functioning.

Other important learnings like time management, responsiveness, responsibility, and ability to prioritize are also the by-products of extra-curricular activities at best Delhi private schools in Delhi.

This is why many good Delhi private schools such as Maxfort school Pitampura provide the facility of several extra-curricular activities.

Extra-Curricular activities at best Delhi private schools

Also known as after school activities, the extra-curricular activities are a great opportunity for the students to learn new things, new skills, and new opinions.

The aim of the extra-curricular activities is the knowledge and growth of a child in every field which often results in their overall personality development.

Some popular extra-curricular activities that Delhi private schools have are:

Sports at best Delhi Private School

Organized sports are one of the best and most popular extra-curricular activities.

Along with teaching the students the skill and knowledge related to that particular sport, it also teaches the students discipline, commitment, determination, mental balance, organization, teamwork, how to make a strategy, etc. which are crucial to have in oneself.

Sports excellently contributes to physical fitness, agility, and energy.

In this age, where early disease and child obesity is prevalent, a routine physical exertion is a must for an immaculate healthy growth of a child, and sports is the best way to achieve it.

Maxfort school Pitampura cannot agree more to it, and truly believes that sports education is an essential element for the growth of both the body and mind of a child.

Along with physical fitness, it also leads to the social development of a child. The sports surely inculcate confidence and self-esteem in a child.

Maxfort school Pitampura has a rich campus which is equipped with expansive playing fields.

The school facilitates and offers learning and skill development in various sports like Cricket, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, etc.

The school has a team of learned, experienced, and expert coaches who train their students in different sports activities.

The job of the coach is to identify the talent of the child, recognize which sports he has skills and interest in, and then encourage him to develop proficiency in that sport.

Inter and Intra school sports tournaments organized by Maxfort school Pitampura provides a platform to the students which helps them with an exposure to a wider audience and bigger talents to seek inspiration from and get high spirited.

Music at best private school in Delhi

It has been proven by various studies that learning a musical instrument leads to high engagement of both the sides of the brain.

It drives a person towards innovation and makes him analytical too.

The best Delhi private schools are aware of this and hence many of them have furnished their infrastructure with various music facilities.

Maxfort school Pitampura too believes that music enhances different feelings of celebration, sadness, adoration, relaxation, etc. and makes the students optimistic and harmonious to their inner self.

Moreover, learning music will be a great addition to the child’s experience and he will have some fond memories to relish forever.

To allow the students to get creative and artistic, Maxfort school Pitampura provides students with learning of different forms of music and musical instruments.

Based on the child’s interest, it can be elevated to a higher level.

There are music teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of music and are adept in imparting the same to the students to make them a pro at it.

The modern teaching methods are used to explain rhythms, beats, pitch, and other music dynamics to the students.

The school also organizes different music events and encourage their student to take part in various local, national, and international music festivals while providing them in-house support.

Theatre at Maxfort School Pitampura

Many successful theatre artists or celebrity stars had started their theatrical skills in the school itself.

If your child finds himself inclined towards theatres and acting, the best Delhi private school like Maxfort school Pitampura will leave no effort in honing his skills and provide the best support to enable him to master the art.

To many, theatre performance is like a therapy and it can greatly relieve their stress.

Through an acting performance, they can express themselves and can tell their story while the audience can enjoy their dialogues.

Art & Craft

One of the best and the most loved activity, especially a favorite of small children, is provided in many Delhi private schools.

Since art is something which can be a reflection of one’s own personality and can greatly aid discovering oneself, it is important to be taught and promoted.

The art and craft teachers at the Maxfort school Pitampura help the children to bring in their creativity and allow them to exhibit the same on the drawing sheet.

They help them to creates forms, figures, and develop an understanding of the concept.

Having sessions of art and craft is important because it teaches the child to get creative and imaginative, which ultimately helps in the all-round development of the child.

As per many scientific research and studies, the fact that art & craft can transform a simple student to a holistic student has become clear.

Various visual and audio formats are involved in the art and crafts other than painting and sketching, such as dance, music, theatre, movie, etc.

At Maxfort, the superb facilities of art and craft led by a team of skilled professionals, help the students develop their talent in the art.

Using the medium of art and craft, the students can develop many skills and qualities such as motor skills, ingeniousness, intuitive ability, cultural cognizance, confidence, management ability, and much more.

The art lessons also soothe the child, releases their academic pressure, and make them forget their worries.


Dance is an expression of inner feelings.

If we are sad, we go for the relaxed dance moves, when we are happy, we perform dance steps with a lot of energy and smile on the lips.

Our every moment is a communication of a feeling. Dance is therefore not just an activity, but a strong expression and emotion.

The best Delhi private schools provide the required support and skill in the students. They are encouraged both for solo dance and group dances.

The dance helps the children develop attentiveness, memory enhancement, agility, muscle strength, physical fitness, and much more.

Maxfort school Pitampura teach their children this majestic art form in the humblest yet professional manner.

The children are given the freedom to choose the dance style they wish and prefer. They are trained in dance with all the grace and exquisiteness.

The dance faculty at Maxfort school Pitampura are adept in various dance forms. They nurture the small dancers by teaching important dance moves.

Intensive dance training is provided to those who are interested in learning an advanced dance form.


The club concept in schools has gained a lot of popularity.

There are several different clubs that are formed by the school and the students are expected to join one or few of them as per their interest and inclination.

These clubs are meant to provide an expert knowledge of the subject matter, skill development in that subject, conducting workshops and seminars for intercommunication and getting collectively learned through an integrated approach.

Like in Maxfort school Pitampura there are recreational clubs such as newspaper club, gardening club brain teaser club, cyber club, dance club (classical and western), symphony club, chef club, theatre club, photography club, pottery club, eco-club, English club, sports club, and different clubs associated with different subjects.

Delhi private schools also organize different seminars and workshops to enable the students to learn different aspects of life.

Maxfort school has theatre workshop, crisp workshop, effective and new teaching strategies workshop, code of conduct workshop, understanding adolescence workshop, inspirational workshop, team building workshop, health promotion and counseling workshop and many more.

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