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Which Is The Best School In Pitampura?

October 16, 2019

Any location can indeed be a suitable one for people who wish to learn. For them, learning and knowledge come in the first place, space doesn’t make a difference, and the physical setting is optional. However, we also cannot environment and the infrastructure of the states of the schools straightforwardly impacts the student’s performance. 

The area of a school plays a vital role, hence it has to be set up in a convenient environment. It should also be far away from pollution and hustle bustle traffic. Schools should have an environment where children can learn without much strain what is being instructed in school.

For this, the mood ought to be peaceful, the environment should be spacious with good utilities and amenities within an outwardly engaging landscape. The school ought to have enough lighting, useful amenities, resourceful libraries, play area, hygienic toilets, multipurpose rooms, storage spaces, playground, well-educated and experienced teachers. 

Importance of education and infrastructure

Education is one of the essential aspects of life. As children grow up, the right form of education makes them grow up as a person with new skills, right values and improve their knowledge. Education help in their daily lives to grow them a well-mannered adult, and supports to become a better person.

A good school in Pitampura can help them grow up as a more responsible citizen. Ultimately this will help them to lead a peaceful and successful life.

The infrastructure of the school not only enhances the performance of the students but also ensures the well-being of the children those who study there. The educational spaces along with a child-friendly ambiance and value-based learning show a huge imprint on the empirical well-being of children.

It can also improve their academic performance in school. It motivates the children to attend the classes and increases the interest to study. 

Some of the best schools like max fort have realized the importance of the school infrastructure and have invested a lot to improve the school infrastructure and education quality. 

Here are a few things you should look for while choosing the best school in Pitampura for your child:

School buildings:

As mentioned above, the school building has to be well-planned and spacious with excellent architectural features. Classrooms should have good ventilation along with all the other basic facilities like chairs, benches, fans, light, board, and projectors. In addition to this, the schools should also have laboratories for all subjects, craft and art workshop, school office, multimedia rooms and much more. The front wall of the classroom should have a suitable blackboard. The walls should also have cupboards to keep their books and other belongings.


Playing makes a person energetic and keeps them fit. Especially when it comes to kids, they love spending time in playing with their friends, and of course, the best place they all can meet is school and play. So it is more essential to provide them with sufficient space to play. Many can shine in their future with their interests to sports. Each school should encourage and nurture the kids for their better future.

Enough class rooms

Each school should maintain the required number of classes so that they can accommodate all their students without overcrowding in classes. If overcrowding happens, they cannot concentrate each student a d have an interactive session. Another important thing is they should admit an only required number of students they can manage, it depends on the resource they have.

A well-resourced library

A library is a repository of knowledge, all the school should contain a well-stocked library to enlighten the students and do all the required research to enhance their knowledge. Some of the best schools will have the library with a well-trained librarian, who can help the children to find the required book easily. It is also important that the library should be spacious enough to accommodate all the students.

 A workshop

Kids get involved in practical classes more when compared to theory classes. And a workshop is a place to learn practical skills for kids. Therefore, each school should maintain a workshop to develop kids with practical skills and knowledge.


As we all know, being fit helps us to be healthy and it should be taken into serious count. Outside the campus, we have a lot of gyms which are associated with bodybuilders, and also they are used for performance-enhancing substances. To better kill two birds with a single stone—it’s good for each school to have a well-equipped gym, for the development of the children and also to keep them away from drugs.

Numerous art programs

Many kids have an interest in arts, hence schools should also give importance to arts, other than sports and formal learning. Nowadays, it’s very rare to see where no prominent painters and musicians are emerging. And this makes clear that arts are not getting enough support at the school level.

Schools in Pitampura

Some of the best schools in Pitampura like maxfort has excellent infrastructure. Each building is constructed with unique and structured with age design. The main factor about the Pre School building is the eye-catching courtyard and a big block room. The highlight of the Middle School building is improved and built with the top quality structure and appealing design.

The beautiful campus is filled with lush greens. At leisure time, Students can even take short treks in the orchards within the campus. To be best connected with nature, there are also many open classrooms and teachings are conducted in those open classroom. The campus not only has concrete buildings but also has trees, plants, and flowers that enhance the students to study in a beautiful natural environment.

Schools in Pitampura has a very well built premise with many beautiful and exquisite facilities, this is not because they are built with gorgeous constructive objective, but also this enhance the students to sit and play with their peers. Students, who study here, grow with these beautiful elements and relate these elements with their life and move to the next section with fond memories.

Maxfort is one of the top-ranked best schools in Delhi. The school works with a mission to create the best students for the society. They believe that providing quality education can change the future of our country.

The facilities provided by the school maximize the potential of each student and to develop in a peaceful environment. The school believes that each student is unique and possess unique talent, so they focus on each student to enhance their performance based on their capacity, observation, and interest.

The best and quality education can be provided only at the right ambiance.

Hence, the school building should be constructed with planning and love. The school premises consist of four buildings, each building maintains the school’s chief architectural style, yet designed in very modern style. Everything is maintained by the administration department.

Here are some of the unique features of the schools in Pitampura like Maxfort: 


Consists of comfortable classrooms with the best learning environment to improve the quality of the student and create a peaceful learning environment


Ergonomically designed furniture provides the most convenient position for the student to read or write.


The school library is stocked up with all required books. Every year the library is also upgraded.


Most hygienic cafeterias are another important facility available.

In addition to these mentioned facilities, the school also has a Medical room, laboratory for all subjects and Audio-video room gymnasium.

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