Our school has been accredited with ISA ( International School Award) by the British Council for the period of 2020-2023.

Max Clubs

School Newspaper club

This club is a platform to make students understand how to feel, gauge and report real-world happenings within the comforts and guidance of school authority. To know, what language and pattern of narration one should adopt while reporting an incident, information, vision or entertainment, is the major focus of this club. Our newspaper club allows students, parents and staff to experience the time and turn of events. It is a chronicle of current events, appropriate opinions and creative presentation. Students gain an understanding of different types of journalism which adds to their personality and proves out to be a boon for a journalistic career, if they wish to pursue later. The Club newspaper contains stories, latest school news items, forthcoming competitions/events, interviews, book reviews, scholarships /aids in studies and articles related to child’s development.

Gardening club

The Gardening Club invites all nature lovers and offers an opportunity for seekers to come together to work on planting, managing, and contributing to improve their ground health in many regards. Do you want to handshake with nature? Do you want to be recognized by contributing in a creative aspect of your school campus? Do you wish to see the transformation in your nature while working with natural surroundings? Do you wish to participate with other like-minded people to create ideas and observe those ideas happen? Then the gardening club is giving green signal to you.

Besides, the gardening club offers an opportunity to exercise your muscles helping to make the bones, muscles, and joints stronger. It is also a proven truth now that gardening or any intense interaction with nature significantly enhances mental health and outlook of the students. Gardening Club allows one to keep active, reduce stress levels and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle devoid of associated diseases. There are many more benefits one can expect to reap when one sows some seeds.

Cyber club

Computers, being an integral part of our times, are to be seen as mandatory tools of progress. Our cyber club offers awareness of computers to explore new frontiers of information technology. Beginning with preparation of presentations for various school functions it extends up to computer based competitions among schools. The Club aims to develop and provide specific key skills to students for better performance in the upcoming cyber security sector. Club activities involve a combined protocol of classroom and online teaching, opening real-world challenges as well as hands-on experience. In this way, the club offers bright and smart youth to learn computer skills to equip them to counter challenges of cyber-bullying and cyber security issues.

Classical Dance

The classical dance club is a great opportunity to bring out the talent and creativity of students. It promotes a positive environment by providing mental and physical healing and inner awareness among students. According to Yoga, the fingers of the hand signify the 5 elements or ‘Pancha Mahabhutas’. By touching the fingers of the hand during the different Mudras of the classical dancing, a circuit in the body is created which improves the flow of energy, which in turn enhances blood circulation of the body. The club helps students to explore the artistic and rich cultural heritage of India and increase awareness about the various classical dance forms of India.

Western Dance

The students of the Western Dance Club of the school are meant to become ‘Balance Masters’ both physically and mentally. This is possible because of the numerous steps involved in western dancing, by which the students learn to balance their body in various positions. This strengthens their stabilizer muscles and reflexes, improves hand-eye coordination and rhythmic sensibility. They also gain ‘Mental Mastery’ by memorizing and recalling various dance steps and patterns. This calorie-buster Club is a stage of grooming for perfection and improving self discipline and confidence of the students. Dancing not only relieves stress of the students, it also provides a great scope for meeting new people and learning team work.

Symphony (Vocal/Instrumental/Guitar)

The Symphony Club of the school is a stupendous trio of Vocal Music, Instrumental Music and Guitar. The Club provides several options to students to learn various aspects of music such as singing, playing various musical instruments including the all time favorite, guitar.

A research of the University of Frankfurt proves that learning to sing improves the immune system and stamina of the body, relieves muscle tension and enhances mental alertness and memory. By learning the musical notes- Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni, Sa, the students learn rhythmic skills. The harmonic composition of the musical notes of different instruments works as a memory booster for the students helping them academically too.

Learning to play the Guitar is a strenuous yet exciting journey. The expert facilitators of the Club teach the students with perseverance and help them to learn to play guitar with different styles, scales and tunes. The students learn to become multi-taskers, as they have to read the music, get hold of the right chord, play the note, listen to the sound and move on with the song, all at the same time in a span of seconds.

Art & Craft Club

‘Imagination and Innovation’ is the core of Art and Craft, which serves as a building block for the children. Keeping this in mind, the Art and Craft Club of the school encourages the students to excel in all aspects of art and craft like scribbling with crayons, paint-brushing, pencil-shading, using scissors to manifest their imagination on paper, origami, clay-modeling and much more. Art has been known to improve problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. The multiple creative things that the students learn and make through the Art and Craft Club improve their creativity, visual-spatial skills and ability to take decisions.

Chef Club

Cooking is always a great pleasure. Besides it teaches discipline, accuracy and practical social skills that can help students in the long run. Food and cooking are indeed an essential aspect of everyone’s life and the Chef Club of the school enables the students to get acclimatized with these necessary aspects. Preparing the different varieties and recipes of food, the students experience the various nuances of cooking like handling the food, the spices and of course gain acceptance to eat different varieties of food. Cooking increases a ‘sense of achievement’ among the students. It also improves their mathematical skills as they learn to weigh, count, measure or track time while preparing the recipes.

Theatre Club

Stage Phobia is a very common problem among many children. The Theatre Club of the school is a platform for the children to overcome this fear. In this technology addicted world, Theatre Club serves as an outlet to express new ideas and imaginations and make creative choices. The two pillars of the Club- ‘Practicing and Performing’ not only develops the self confidence of the students, it also builds a sense of cooperation and understanding among each other. Through regular sessions, the students develop communication skills like expression of ideas, fluency of language, voice projection and impressive speech. The students learn to convey to the audience, the- ‘Who, When, Where, What and Why’ through their performances, which serves as a contributing asset in their daily life also.

Photography Club

Photography is the eye of the curious in harmony with the beauty of brain. Our club is a bunch of creative youths who click life in its best forms all the time. Art and science of photography is what this club teaches its members. Position, subject, theme, aperture size, light, speed-all must be optimum and balanced to create a best still. Good camera work and shooting techniques are a must to produce better results. Club encourages those budding lens men who go beyond skills to capture a great photo. All activities help to improve skills and techniques of photography and hence cultivate passions into professionals gradually.

Pottery Club

The aim of the Pottery Club of the school is not perfection, but ‘Creation’. The smile and the satisfaction on the faces of the students after they design their exquisite pots in the guidance of expert teachers, is what this Club aims for. Even the bubbliest students are seen sitting quietly and patiently, engrossed in designing their pots with varieties of clay in different colors. This is because clay has some soothing qualities which relax the mind and the brain. The training provided by the teachers of the club enable the students to think beyond the traditional norms of style and color combinations. The use of mainly the arms and hands while making pots make the muscles strong and the concentration required, improves eye-hand coordination.

Eco Club: "Green Ambassadors"

The Club also serves as an outlet for students to develop personal skills like communication and expression of thoughts and ideas, as they have to present and write reports regularly. Since they have to interact with adults and staff members also, they become more confident and creative. The Club is indeed a great opportunity for the students to participate in the improvement of the living conditions of the society and to convert a ‘Polluted City’ into a ‘Green City’.

Pandora's Word Bag Club

Keeping this in mind, the Club ‘Pandora’s Word Bag’ at Maxfort School, Parwana Road serves as a ground for the children to learn English, the most popular International language, through activities full of fun and frolic. The Club is a lively learning package which enables the students to become familiar with the language by ‘Discussing, Creating and Discovering’ with the help of activities under the expert guidance of the facilitators of the Club. Activities like role plays, drama and oral presentations help the students to share their concepts and ideas, which gives them a new perspective. Besides, activities also enhance their reading capabilities and understanding of the language. The Activities also include ‘spell a word’ and completing a summary etc. that increase memory function, keep the brain flexible and agile, enhances problem-solving abilities and improve team work among the students.

Funglish Club

‘Learning English with Fun’- is the aim of the Funglish Club of the school. The Club provides opportunities for the students to learn the English language in a fun way. Learning the language improves the cognitive and critical-thinking abilities of the students keeping their mind active and improving confidence and decision-making skills. Making of new words is a thrilling fun game for the young brains. The activities arranged by the Club not only develop their vocabulary, they also serve as a means to improve communication and social skills of the students. Some of the activities include Guessing Game, Secret Word Game and Story-Telling Activity. There are many Role-Playing Activities also like fast-food role playing, travel-agency role playing and T.V. Discussion Panel role playing.

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