Our school has been accredited with ISA ( International School Award) by the British Council for the period of 2020-2023.

Empowering with Education at Maxfort School in North West Delhi

Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.
– Confucius

Early childhood is the most significant and impactful time in the growth and development of a child. It is the time when intellectual growth and development takes place in all the areas. At this time, a child needs a stimulating
environment that can challenge him/her adequately and promote analytical thinking
for realizing the true potential within.

We, at Maxfort recognize the significance, of this phase in the growth of a child.
The dynamic school environment at Maxfort School in North West Delhi, is structured to make the children feel welcome and comfortable in school. The atmosphere at school fosters cooperation and emotional well being of children, where they are relaxed and can give expression to their feelings and thoughts.

Warm and Inviting Classrooms

The classrooms are warm and inviting promoting a sense of safety. Neat and organized, they are highly agile, student centric spaces that make learning easy giving an enriching experience to the kids. The internal environment is designed thoughtfully so that it stimulates students, improving their focus and alertness.

The children are continuously engaged in activities that are exciting and fun matching their interests and passions. The environment and the curriculum together cultivate and promote perception, communication, concentration and leadership skills keeping the children motivated all the time. Their curiosity is nurtured and inquisitiveness is promoted.

Connecting with Nature

At Maxfort, nature is also incorporated as part of the student’s curriculum. The students get ample time to connect with nature so that they can appreciate it and be a part of it.

Recognizing different learning abilities of children

Realizing that all children have different learning abilities, the curriculum is designed to support active participation of all types of learners. The facilitators use several methods of presenting the concepts along with diverse ways of expression. Art and other activities are used as vehicles to help children learn concepts. Employing project based learning, the facilitators help students to develop reading, writing, language and arithmetic skills as well as presentation and compering, giving children an early start in these arenas. Focusing on technological, environmental, academic and intellectual growth, the facilitatorshelp them to develop critical thinking and reflect on whatever activities they areengaged in. The facilitators converse with the students intimately playing a role of mentor and a friend.

Empowering students for a bright future

Committed to provide an environment where every student grows and develops, Maxfort School which is located is one of the posh areas in North West Delhi, focuses on individual needs as well as social behaviour and relations so that the students grow both individually as well as a cohesive unit forging strong human relations empowering children for a bright future ahead.

The object of education is to prepare the young children to educate
themselves throughout their lives.

– Robert Maynard Hutchins

The Primary education at Maxfort School is a celebration of the uniqueness of each child and aims to help children realize their true potential. Helping children to acquire knowledge, skills, critical thinking and an
understanding of concepts, we enable them to respond to the challenges of life with
positivity and creativity.

An important aspect of Primary education is to prepare students for the coming
years of higher education. The transition from Primary to Middle school can be
difficult for some. Ensuring that children make this transition easily and are
effectively engaged during higher levels of studies, primary education at Maxfort
focuses on developing independence and positive attitude in learning making children lifelong learners.

The curriculum at Primary level aims to develop comprehension and literacy skills of children. Helping them to express their thoughts using language skills,
representation skills the curriculum encourages them to appreciate the beauty and power of language. Apart from this, the students are taught mathematical concepts, scientific and environmental knowledge and other subjects that contribute to their academic and intellectual growth.

Involving students in a vast range of activities, the students are helped to appreciate and enjoy aesthetic pursuits like music, dance, arts and drama so that they can express themselves creatively.

Developing a positive awareness and sensitivity towards their peers, the students learn social skills and behaviour based on social ethics and norms.

Fostering a healthy lifestyle, we at Maxfort School inculcate healthy eating habits
among children right from the early stages so that they have a sense of
responsibility towards their own wellness.

The facilitators at Maxfort interpret the learning needs of the students and respond to them with their competence and expertise. Guiding the learning process they provide a supportive environment by developing a mutual trust with children. Taking into account the individual differences of children, their personalities and varied interests, the facilitators contribute potently to expand the conceptual framework of children and provide them with a great learning experience. Overall the primary education at Maxfort gives an opportunity to children to achieve highest standards of knowledge and concepts to realize their potential.

The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
– William. A Ward

Teaching the Middle School students poses a unique challenge since the students at this time are much more emotionally advanced and aware than the primary school children but not mature enough to face the rigors and challenges of high school.

Facing numerous changes going on in their body, they are constantly seeking answers, questioning norms, changing perceptions and thinking and growing fast. It is a stage when children seek independence from parents and care more about the opinions of their friends rather than any adults, especially those in their family.

Seeking their own personal identity, this is a very crucial period in their life that must be dealt with great caution as the attitude and perception developed at this time tend to stay on forever. Hence, the role of the school especially the facilitators at this level is very important, a role recognized at Maxfort School with a great sense of responsibility.

The School recognizes that the students in Middle School desire greater independence and so understanding their needs and supporting them accordingly is one of the primary objectives of education at this stage. Monitoring their intellectual as well as social progress, the school focuses on the relations between the facilitators and students, so that the children get a positive, dynamic and productive educational experience. Instilling confidence among the students, the facilitators help the students to face the academic, physical, social and emotional challenges.

The modernistic learning environment at Maxfort offers a flexibility and simplicity to the students and facilitators so that they can access the resources with ease. The facilitators promote sharing of thoughts and queries intervening collaboratively so that children can learn in a consistent healthy environment. They are dedicated to encourage the adolescent children so that they make significant academic and personal progress.

At Maxfort, we understand that in the present times, education is more pervasive as well as universal considering the global outlook of modern times. We have designed our pedagogy and curriculum based on these driving forces and it is well equipped to handle the changing educational and social landscape.

Providing challenges to the students, the unique educational curriculum ensures participation of all students incorporating the diverse learning styles and cultural back grounds of children. The activities are well planned to ensure that the children can explore, practice and develop new concepts easily. The students are taught several skills including research, presentation, effective communication, decision making, logical thinking and reasoning as well as academic skills. Besides they are also taught about application of the knowledge learnt, correlating their studies with the real world. Fostering their enthusiasm and curiosity, the curriculum ascertains both long term and short term progress of students.

At Maxfort School, the middle years are all about educating the young minds and we take it as an opportunity to be the partners in the journey of every student as they prepare themselves for a fulfilling and rewarding future.

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Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.

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The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of
the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.

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