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Why Maxfort School Is Best In Pitampura?

October 25, 2019

In this changing world, schools play a vital role. There are several expectations among the parents like what should the schools teach, and how it should function. These are some of the several questions that parents come across while looking for the best school in Pitampura.

These questions should be answered with skilled teachers, schools that match the social requirements, and technology access in mind.  With the growing number of schools, you might wonder how to choose the right one and how to determine if you know if you are doing it well?

Here is what you can expect from a good school like Maxfort in Pitampura

  • A school should substantively improve the people it is embedded within.
  • They should be able to adapt quickly to the changes.
  • They should make use of every resource, opportunity, and mediums that are required to enrich students mind
  • A well-performing school should have a clear goal and should continuously incorporate the trends
  • Capable enough to produce students who have good knowledge  
  • The school should also allow the global community to grow
  • A good school should have compelling and diverse measures of success that communities and families can understand 
  • Should impose the value of understanding the concepts 
  • Encourage other cultural activities apart from education 
  • The schools should speak the language of the families, children, and the community it serves. They should also improve other cultural organizations and schools and it is associated with it.
  • Should encourage the relationship between inquiry, curiosity, and change.
  • A school should make use of professional and social development to enhance teacher capacity over time.
  • They should value its administrators, teachers, and parents as factors of student success.
  • Should be ready to incorporate the transformation in accordance with the relevant trends, challenges, data, and opportunities.
  • They should teach thought, not content

Today’s Education is the one quality that will define a nation. In such an important process school is the first stepping stone to learning. It is the school where a kid imbibes all their values together with a high knowledge that equips the kid with all the requirements to accept the challenges of life with confidence. A good education should make sure that a child can hold their self-esteem high. With this vision and focus, they run the foundation stone of Maxfort School.

Maxfort school concentrates more to maximize the potential of each child in the safe environment of the school. They give importance to the uniqueness of each child and focus on their development. The school offers a colorful atmosphere where education and learning transform into fun, creating confident individuals in every aspect of physical, emotional, mental and social.

Unique strategies of Maxfort School

Treating every child unique

Kids are always packaged with joy and they are of course impatient but show more interest in learning new things. Each child is unique. Instead of making comparisons, it’s better to make them feel confident about their strengths. For which we require a different approach of teaching, and also the different mindset of instructors. The school allows the kid to freely explore their world.

Providing Facilitators and not teachers

The school ensures that they have the finest teachers. They conduct regular in-service workshops and support programs for the teachers. With all these instructions, the instructors become sensitive, open-minded and flexible to the requirement of each Maxfortians, and are ready to offer a non-critical, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment for a kid.

Learning through exploration and not from the imposition

Maxfort finds the inborn talent of each kid. They open your child’s mind to explore, this produces several amazing results. Instead of giving a definite answer to a question, ask them to explore the answer themselves. You’ll be really surprised with the results.

Questions drive learning and not answer drive

Generally, kids ask a lot of questions about why? Why are roses red? Why do birds fly? Why are sweets sweet? Why is water wet? It’s because of the curiosity of their fresh mind to learn about new things. But unfortunately, most parents take the easy way with such innocent curiosity. The people answer such questions based on their notions and knowledge, or, simply just shun the kids with a lack of patience and time.

Following Thematic approach

Young children lack out in paying attention to something. Thus, they require continuous brain stimulation to keep them concentrated. This is why the MaxPower Curriculum offers a thematic approach to learning. Each student at Maxfort learn the required skills and concepts through proper guidance, activities, and play. The school provides a unique combination of learning and teaching, which makes children learn happily and also it encourages them to develop creative skills, intellectual skills, etc.

What Maxfort provides apart from academics?


As we all know, Exercise is to keep a healthy body and knowledge is for the mind. Sports not only help the body physically fit but also to improve physical efficiency, mental alertness, and development of qualities. This is the main reason why the Maxfort school has a great emphasis and laid on their kids to take up sports. And also Maxfort Schools consists of a team of professionals to support the development of games. 


School excursions are the best way of engaging students and develop their minds. Maxfort School takes its students for regular trips to places of interest such as the Science and Railway Museums, Radio Stations, NASA, Historical Places, and even outstation excursions.


Dance is not only a form of art but its also a medium through which the kids learn and express themselves. Dance allows kids to improve knowledge by learning different styles. From this form of art, the kids develop courage and self-confidence by performing during the competitions.


As a part of an intricate interplay of language, voice, characters, movement, and improvisations, Theaterama guides the children to improve physically, how to work in teams and evolve with self-assured individuals.

Infrastructure of Maxfort 


Most time spent in school is the classroom. Thus, it’s more important for schools to have the most conducive environment for learning. Maxfort provides all classrooms which are large, airy and spacious to help the kids breathe easy.


A library helps children to excite their imagination and expand their horizons. At Maxfort, the library is meticulously stocked with books that are suitable for student’s requirements.


All Maxfort schools are replete with state-of-the-art cafeterias to provide healthy nutritious food to their children, in a clean and hygienic environment.

Medical Room

Maxfort consists of a medical room which is clean and hygienic, well equipped for first-aid and other facilities.


Maxfort schools are designed with well-equipped Gymnasiums for all its schools with state-of-the-art facilities. 


A laboratory offers great opportunities for the child to analyze, observe and infer, and not merely mug up concepts.


To help students to be well-balanced individuals, the school offers a lot of chances for physical activities. These help students not just to improve physical efficiency but also improves mental alertness, team spirit, leadership, perseverance, obedience, and sporting spirit.

As you explore several schools, you may or may not find all the features mentioned above. However, it is advised to look for features like classrooms, activities, community, infrastructure, teachers and another program. Schools like Maxfort will offer these excellent facilities and even more. These are the prime reasons why you should select this school to send your kid.

Choosing the appropriate private school for your kid is a basic need and might take time. The selection process has many sectors in which you should make complete research and should never forget that you understand what is the best choice for your child.

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