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Which is the Top school in Delhi?

July 27, 2019

Today, education is a term that not only encompasses academics but also includes personality development and more importantly, a medium for the overall development of a child.

Every parent who is looking for admission has checklist handy as everyone wants their child to go to the best school in Delhi.

Maxfort Pitampura Is One Of The Top Schools In Delhi

However, in this race to reach the best school in Delhi, parents often forget that apart from going for the best school, it is equally important to understand what will benefit your child.

More often than not, we put our child in the school we want but sadly the child doesn’t flourish as per our expectations. This leads to stress.

Thus, it is better to look for a school that meets your requirement as well as the need of your child, and you will see that it will be the best school for your child.

Often, we try and locate the best school in Delhi through various Delhi top school list available on the internet.

On paper anyone can make be the Top school in Delhi, however, it is important to understand a few key factors before selecting the school.

Apart from basic hygiene needs, a school needs to offer the best in:

  • Academics – Even with overall development popularity, the stress on the quality of academic education imparted in the school is inevitable. Academics, as we all know to form a base for life long success. Thus, the important thing to find out is how they teach in school and what all is covered in the academics. Chose best school in Delhi which focuses on the latest academic trends.
  • Extracurricular activities – These play an important role in the overall development of a child. From building confidence to generating curiosity and to go beyond academics, extra-curricular activities not only challenge the mind but also pushes to look beyond the norm. All Top school in Delhi will have a focus on extracurricular activities in common.
  • Sports – Along with mental development, physical development is also very important. Sports not only helps in physical growth but teaches important life values such as team working, discipline and to work hard without giving up to achieve your goal. All the best school in Delhi have a dedicated sports area to promote sports.
  • Teachers – Old school teacher was known to attend class to teach a subject and leave. However, with changing time, the role of a teacher has also enhanced. They play the role of teacher and mentor. Also, they need to understand the child and help him reach his potential through proper guidance. Top school in Delhi hire only the best teachers who are capable of playing multiple roles with ease.
  • Safety – With school crime rising at an alarming rate, a responsible school has all the safety measures in place. From CCTV cameras verified staff members, the security of the child is very important. Schools that understand this and do not cut corners are safe to be featured in Delhi top school list.

Thus, new age schools like Maxfort School at Pitampura offers various extracurricular activities such as dancing, swimming, dramatics and such apart from an excellent education.

Maxfort School – one of the best schools in Delhi believes in empowering the child which not only creates a stress-free learning environment but also builds confidence in the child to face the challenges.

Another important factor that you need to check in the Top school in Delhi is their views on the right to education and inclusive education.

Both of these are the need of the hour. Every child has a right to basic education including special need children.

For a long time, children with special needs have been ignored at every turn in our society. However, society is changing and acceptance of special need children is also on the rise.

A school that believes in Right to Education for all and has inclusive education at schools definitely needs to make it to Delhi top school list.

Thus a Top school in Delhi such as Maxfort sets an example for the other school in Delhi. They promote in encourage inclusive education.

Not only through academics but also by having a fully trained faculty who not only contribute to the academic development of children with special need but also look after their social and behavioral development.

Also, they have regular skill update for teachers that help them cope with changing the need of the hour. Their infrastructure also promotes inclusive education.

Thus, Maxfort is setting an example for other schools on how to be an inclusive school.

Such progressive thinking school produces academically brilliant and a responsible citizen who will contribute to making our world a better place.

Inclusive education teaches acceptance and respect for all without any prejudice. And such a core belief system separates Top school in Delhi from the others.

So, if you have already chosen your best school in Delhi, check for these pointers. As we all know, the curriculum is the backbone of any educational institution.

Without the relevant curriculum, a school will not contribute to the development of a child.

A school with progressive thinking such as Maxfort has a curriculum to enhance individual potential.

Some of the advantages of having a well thought out, in tune with time and practical curriculum are:

  • Makes learning fun – Today many schools in trying to generate scholars often sacrifice the need to develop a liking for learning. An individual, especially a child grows with learning. Thus, the right curriculum is one where a child enjoys learning and develops a love for learning. This skill will help him be the learner for life and creates a base for success.
  • Comprehensive Education – A balanced curriculum that promotes knowledge, skills and behavioral development of a child imparts comprehensive education. Knowledge helps to build a foundation for life and skills helps to execute this knowledge. One without the other is of no use. Thus, to feature in Delhi top school list, ensure that your curriculum has both. Best school in Belhi such as Maxfort focuses on comprehensive education.
  • Teaches Global outlook – Today, the world is becoming smaller and smaller, and therefore, the traditional curriculum is no longer relevant. To be a Top school in Delhi, one needs a curriculum that cultivates a global perspective and is relevant to today’s society.
  • Practical Approach – It is said that Actions speak louder than words. And it is true for schools also. Bookish learning will only teach the child to learn for the sake of exams or assessments. And moreover, a child may not retain the knowledge. On the other hand, a practical along with book knowledge will cement the learning and will stay lifelong with the children. The thematic curriculum is one such popular approach that most Top school in Delhi adopt. This approach makes learning interactive, meaningful and takes away from such teaching methods is incomparable to old school teachings.

Today, when the world is progressing at a rapid rate, the best school education has become the need of the hour.

Old school education system has become irrelevant and more and more parents are looking for a school that not only builds an educational base but also imbibes values that make for great humans.

Today, along with scholars and geniuses, we also need people who are responsible citizen, are progressive and liberal in thinking.

And only the best schools in Delhi will be able to impart such character because they themselves represent this ideology.

Schools like Maxfort are laying a foundation for the new generation who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Therefore, select a school that is relevant to today’s time yet is able to scale down as per the potential of your child.

Top school in Delhi focuses on overall development and encourage children to pursue their potential irrespective of the area that they chose.

Best schools are flexible enough to incorporate the changes needed to meet the changing times. Also, with the best faculty, best curriculum, best infrastructures Top school in Delhi like Maxfort is ready to take up the challenge of being the change that we want in society.

Remember as they say to be the change you want to be and today we need more and more schools to lay the foundation of the change we are looking for.

A well-rounded development of a child is the responsibility of parents and school. And both need to work together to achieve this goal.

Therefore, if you see the best school in Delhi, they all have a program in place that encourages free communication with parents and encouraging two-way communication to achieve a common goal – a well-educated and well-balanced child development.

Therefore, if you want your school to feature in Delhi top school list, read through and understand where you are going wrong.

And as a thumb rule, remember that today’s parents are more focused on quality rather than quantity and are not naive enough to fall for a marketing gimmick.

Thus, the Top school in Delhi that meets all these requirements in unarguable Maxfort school located at Pitampura.

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