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How to choose best school in Delhi for your child?

June 27, 2019

Schools have started in full swing and though parents of school going children have heaved a sigh of relief, parents who are about to begin their children’s school journey are gearing up for the mammoth task of finding the best school in Delhi for their children.

Today, finding a Delhi’s best school and getting admission in the desired school is nothing less than securing a seat in IIM or an IIT.

Basic school education is also becoming as competitive as professional education and is no wonder that parents are stressed about getting into the best school in Delhi of their choice.

Apart from other consideration, fees also play a crucial role in your admission since it’s a recurring commitment and financial commitment to higher education also needs to be planned at the same time.

Today, parents do not leave a single stone unturned to look for Delhi’s best school.

The preparation starts from 7-8 months or for some school even a year before the actual admission date.

After shortlisting the school the parent’s research the schools based on various parameters and also undertake visits and feedback from existing parents of Delhi private school.

It is true that good education foundation provides lifelong benefits and therefore parents don’t want to compromise on their children’s school education.

So, if you are confused and if you haven’t yet figured out on how to decide the best school in Delhi here is the rundown on few pointers that a parent should keep in mind while finalizing the school.


Unlike previous decade where Curriculum was limited to SSC and ICSE, today there are multiple choices available such as CBSE, IB, IGCSE, and Cambridge. And every curriculum has positive & negative points.

Thus, deciding on which curriculum to go for mainly depends on parents and what are they aiming to achieve.

Popularly, if the parents have transferable Job, then opting for CBSE or ICSE is advisable to maintain the continuity in education.

Similarly, if, there are prospects or desire to shift to a foreign country than following IB or IGCSE curriculum is more practical.

Another consideration is each child is unique with a unique way of learning. Choosing the curriculum that will best match your personality is also very crucial.

Extra-curricular Activities

Only academics are not enough for today’s children. Extra-curricular activities like art & craft, music, dance, theatres, and such help children recognize their interest and talent.

It also helps in the overall development of the children. Thus, while hunting for the best school in Delhi, check what all do they offer in extra-curricular activities.

Student-Centric Approach

Today, more and more school are realizing the benefits of having a student-centric approach.

With Inclusive education taking momentum it is important than ever before to have a student-centric approach where teachers or special educator are made available to help children who find it difficult to cope with a regular pace.

Schools like Maxfort School Pitampura, in fact, have a trained staff to handle special need kids.

Also, a better child-teacher ratio is important for individual attention especially, in pre-school years. So, rather than blindly opting for a school it is always advisable to check whether the setup is ideal for your children.

All the best school in Delhi have a high teacher to student ratio.

Schools Credibility

Today education has become a big business and therefore many schools have come up claiming to offer the international curriculum. Even for parents, putting children in IB schools has become a matter of pride.

Today, for parents admission in Delhi private school is not enough. They want to get into the best school in Delhi.

However, it is advisable to check the credibility of the school and, before finalizing the Delhi’s best school check the credibility of the school and international recognition if you are looking at IB or IGCSE schools.


Education has become expensive. And if you opt for Delhi private school or IB or IGCSE, the cost of education will rise. And it is not a onetime expense, it is a recurring expense which will only rise year after year.

IB schools have outgo of around 1 lakh. So you can calculate how much financial commitment is required. Furthermore, you also need to take into account that after school, higher education is waiting to drain you of your finances.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the fee-structure and any other payments that will be required throughout the year. Also, if Delhi’s best school can help you with approx.

The figure for the next 2-3 years you will get a clear picture of what are you getting into. However, the thing to remember here is not to overstretch yourself financially.

Choosing Delhi’s best school within your financial means is better than rooting for a school you cannot afford.


A parent, while selecting the Delhi private school should also keep the travel time in mind. It is better to have a school within quick reachable distance.

This not only helps in avoiding long and tiring commute for children but also in case of an unfortunate instance, you are able to reach the school on time. Most populated areas will have a good school.

For example, Maxfort school Pitampura is the best choice if you live near the area.

Another factor is that long commute not only tires out the children but also take away precious time which they can otherwise utilize more beneficially.


Some of the best schools in Delhi boast of great infrastructure. From state of the art classroom to independent playground and in some schools swimming pool also is part of their infrastructure.

So, while selecting the school attention to the infrastructure in a must. Having a larger place and modern infrastructure is the need of the hour.

However, whether a school is able to maintain the safety standard and quality of education is what you as a parent need to look for while looking for Delhi’s best school.

Safety Measures

A child’s safety is of utmost importance It is always beneficial to opt for a school who take children’s security and safety seriously. Check for CCTV camera and whether you have the access of the same.

Whether the staff hired are verified through professional agencies and if there is a doctor on call or a medical room to address the mishaps that children get into from time to time.

Also, are all faculties trained in first-aid or not. A child spends the maximum number of hours in school and therefore the school should take the responsibility of children’s safety and security while they are in their care.

Best school in Delhi have all such facilities. Maxfort School Pitampura is one such school that takes the safety of the child seriously.

Use of Technology

In earlier times technology was not a requisite for schools. However, today technology is touching every aspect of our lives and therefore exposure to technology within reasonable parameters is a much needed-aspect that parents need to look into it.

There is no running away from exposing the children to technology, however, how responsibly the Delhi private school utilizes the same is what parents need to check.

Laptop, I-pad, and smart TVs are common for school going children. However, age-appropriate exposure and usage will both help children use this technology with a responsibility like Maxfort School Pitampura.

Parent-teacher interaction

With growing up children, it is easy for parents to miss out on signs that may signal distress in their children.

Today, life is not easy for students and they have to deal with peer pressure, performance anxiety and parental pressure to be the best in all that he does.

This cannot be easy for children and the chances of getting into the wrong company or wrong path are higher. In such cases, if there is open communication between school and parents with a common goal of looking after children’s well-fare, it becomes easier.

Schools like Maxfort school Pitampura encourage regular Parent-teacher interaction.

Education not only prepares one for life but also build up the character of the children. Also, education is not easy as it was earlier and peer pressure is at an all-time high.

In such a scenario, it is no wonder that parents are preparing for Delhi’s best school admission may be a year prior to the actual admission process.

Along with children, it is also a parent’s exams with interviews and what they bring to the table. Every parent wants the best for their children but it is necessary to remember that the best school in Delhi might not be the best for your child.

So, understand your child and see what will work form him. Pay attention to small details especially for pre-school kids and then opt for Delhi’s best school that matches your requirement.

Thus to wrap we just would like to say that provide the best for your child but not at the cost of theirs and your mental peace. So have you started your research for Delhi’s best school yet!

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