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10 Reasons Why Maxfort Pitampura Is Amongst Best Private Schools in Delhi

August 22, 2019

Selecting the best school for your kid is important because schools play a key role in shaping their lives.

Along with academics, a good school will always teach their students, valuable lessons like social skills, conduct, discipline, work ethics, moral values, etc. too.

A school widens the horizon of the child by introducing him to diverse points of views and different cultures, which will help him become a better and stronger person.

The best schools also identify the child’s talent and hone it to help him build a flourishing career. Rightly said, schooling is the most important phase of one’s life.

Finding the right school for your child is extremely significant because it makes a lot of difference in their career and overall life.

Parents are aware of the importance of a good school and what role it can play in their child’s life; hence they want to enroll their kids in the best school in their town.

If you aspire for a school in Delhi, which can provide your kids with an immaculate academic education, and can inculcate human values in them too, then you must consider Maxfort Pitampura.

Maxfort Pitampura

An ISO certified school, Maxfort Pitampura, a private school in Delhi, believes in progressive education which can make a person competent and efficient so that he can achieve his short-term and long-term goals in life and also make him a person who can significantly contribute towards the betterment of the society.

They understand that education is a powerful tool which can positively nurture the child and make a person successful in both his career and his life.

Maxfort lives in the philosophy of integrated education. The school believes that every child is unique and the children may have different traits and different potential.

Understanding this, Maxfort provides their students with a kind of environment where everyone gets a chance to excel and learn to perform their best.

The school also aims to provide a platform to the students where they learn to build a relationship between them and get empowered collectively.

Since Maxfort realizes their responsibility and is aware of the fact that the onus of shaping the future of our country lies on them, and hence it strongly features itself as the best school in the list of schools of Delhi.

Now, let us understand what are the reasons that make Maxfort Pitampura, one of the best private schools in Delhi.

1)     An extensive curriculum

“Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

This is what the school propagates and believes in. The curriculum at Maxfort school Pitampura is planned in an extensive, pragmatic, and a dynamic way which empowers the students to become omniscient and knowledgeable.

The inquisitive students are provided detailed learning of the concepts so that they can absorb all important things, through a structured framework.

The curriculum is kept quite flexible so that the students are exposed to learning new things. The little active learners are treated with an integrated learning approach where an effort is made to balance the knowledge with their potential.

2)     Skill development

Skill development is as important as imparting knowledge, and Maxfort is well aware of this fact. Not all the private schools in Delhi focus so much on sharpening the skills, and this is exactly where Maxfort school Pitampura enjoys an edge.

The academicians and curriculum developers at Maxfort understand the significance of the relation between knowledge which is more theoretical, and skill development which is more practical, and therefore, they have been able to strike a unique amalgamation of the two, since the time school was formed.

3)     Interactive learning

Maxfort school Pitampura is one of those private schools in Delhi, where classroom learning is not one-way communication.

The teachers at Maxfort are trained to invite the students to speak, ask queries, analyze, and investigate because this is what can lead to great learning and a good understanding of the basics.

The queries of the students are solved right then and there so that they are better able to grasp the impending lectures.

4)     Thematic Approach

The curriculum at Maxfort emphasizes thematic learning or learning within a theme.

It has been proven by various studies and researches that thematic learning is more effective, enjoyable, powerful, and natural.

The children are more engaged, vibrant, and actively involved when they learn through a theme.

The things that are taught to them in various subjects, everything is connected to a theme.

The beauty of this aspect of learning is that the children are able to learn everything related to the theme such as vocabulary, word building, sentence making, and much more.

It is also known to develop soft skills and conceptual skills in the kids which they can apply to the real world.

5)     Beyond academics

The school understands that this is the right stage to develop values in the children and hence, the curriculum at Maxfort school Pitampura does not only focus on the academics but also develops vital skills that are imperative for becoming a good human being.

One of the primary objectives of the school is to develop social, cultural, and human values in the students so that the overall development of children can happen at the right time.

6)     Extra-curricular engagements

Maxfort school Pitampura tops the chart in the list of schools in Delhi which introduces their students to the diverse extra-curriculum engagements.

The students are trained in dance, music, theatre, sports, art, and craft.

There are recreational clubs in the school like newspaper club, gardening club brain teaser club, cyber club, dance club (classical and western), symphony club, chef club, theatre club, photography club, pottery club, eco-club, English club, sports club, and different clubs associated with different subjects.

The school is divided into four houses of Garnet, Topaz, Ruby, and Coral and every house propagates a unique virtue.

The learning is imparted through different seminars and workshops like theatre workshop, crisp workshop, effective and new teaching strategies workshop, code of conduct workshop, understanding adolescence workshop, inspirational workshop, team building workshop, health promotion and counseling workshop and many more.

These workshops are a great way to ready for students to face different challenges and facets of life.

7)     Safety norms

Child safety is the primary concern for Maxfort school Pitampura.

In this age, when the parents are always concerned considering the safety aspect of the child, it is important for them to know and understand that the safety and security of the child are ensured in every way and is strictly followed at Maxfort school Pitampura.

The school is equipped with CC TV cameras on every floor of the building. The school also houses security guards from a reputed agency to keep the students secured and guarded every time.

8)    Infrastructure

Maxfort Pitampura is one school in the list of schools in Delhi, that has an extensive infrastructure. The school is proudly spread over a half acre land.

To start with, the school campus has a welcoming reception desk to seek all the information from. Then there is a library for the intellectuals and art and crafts room for budding creators.

A computer room is for technical learning while there is a medical room for the children who may fall sick during their school hours.

The ventilated classrooms are well furnished with plasma screens. There is a huge playground in the school too, where the students can enjoy sports, and develop expertise in different sports like cricket, skating, lawn tennis, basketball, and many more.

A sprawling swimming pool is one of the best additions to the school where the students can learn and develop their swimming skills.

There are separate clean and hygienic washrooms for girls and boys which are always well maintained by the maids and attendants.

There is also a cafeteria which provides healthy, nutritious, delicious, and fresh food and snacks to the students.

Then there are labs supervised by teachers and lab attendants, where the students can enrich themselves with the practical experience.

9)     Location

Location is one important consideration for parents when they look for a list of schools in Delhi. A convenient location means better access and reach.

Maxfort is located on Parwana Road in Pitampura, one of the best locations you can aim for! This area sports of a lush green landscape which is easily approachable from all corners of the city. It has a metro station nearby too.

10)  Special education

Since the school believes that every child is important and giving them an all-inclusive system, which can make them more confident to face the challenges of life is crucial.

The school has developed a special education program which can take care of the students who have special needs.

The Special education program includes special teaching methods, learning aids, materials, equipment, special educator, and special training sessions and workshops.

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