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Top 8 Great Formal school in Delhi

In this evolving world, schools play an indispensable role. There are a few desires among the parents like what should the schools instruct, and how it should work. With the developing number of schools, you may think about how to pick the correct one and how to decide whether you know whether you are doing it well? These are some of the confusion that people come across while choosing the best formal school in Delhi. 

Hence, based on various factors and survey we have come up with the best 8 formal schools in school in Pitampura

Bal Bharati Public School, Rohini, New Delhi

Bal Bharati Public Schoolis located near Rohini City, New Delhi and acquired 51st position with 1065/1500 points in a survey. Bal Bharati is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE Board, with 83% Average Exam Percentage. The school facilitates amenities like Resource center and resource lab, Library, Auditorium and hi-tech classrooms. Apart from academic performance, the schools also develop a strong patriotism and make them a responsible citizen by preaching good habits. The school is completely focused to offer more opportunities for the enhancement of the child’s personality by discovering the talents of every student and support them to come out with flying colors.

Maxfort Pitampura

Maxfort School is one of the top formal schools in Pitampura. The main objective of the school is to develop the best minds in the country and thus they work towards a clear vision of providing quality education. Because they clearly understand that quality education and creative minds are the only factors that can change the future of the country. 

All the amenities available inside the school premises are of top quality and help children to learn in a peaceful environment. Management understands that every child is unique with their own style and talent. Hence they concentrate more on the individual school talent and come up with a unique method to enhance their performance based on their observation, capacity, and interest.  Maxfort school is affiliated to CBSE board 

Delhi Public School, R K Puram

When it comes to academic performance, Delhi Public School is one of the best formal schools in Pitampura. The school has a large campus with excellent lab facilities and playgrounds. The school also enhances the performance of the students by providing labs including web resource centers, Computer lab, robotics lab, maths lab, think lab, chemistry lab, physics lab, bio lab, and Biotechnology. The school also facilitates both days cum boarding options. Apart from the co-curricular activities, the children are encouraged to pursue their passion through the music center, Art rooms, and Sports Complex available inside the campus. The school also possesses a small clinic to address any emergencies. 

Ryan International School, Rohini, New Delhi

Ryan International School is a location in A-9, Sector 25, Rohini city, New Delhi and ranked 53rd with 1058/1500 points. The school is very well known for its individual attention to students and Internationalism. Ryan International Schoolis a co-educational school that follows the CBSE Board, with an 83% Average Exam Percentage. The school possesses one of the best infrastructures with the latest lab equipment and all the sports facilities. 

Montfort Senior Secondary School, New Delhi

Montfort Senior Secondary School is situated in Ashok Vihar, Phase I, New Delhi. With its excellent performance, they have ranked 13th with 1186/1500 Points. Though the main focus of the school is to improve the academic performance of the students, they also equally concentrate to improve the sports activities and leadership management qualities but organizing several programs. The school is a co-educational school and follows CBSE Board, New Delhi with 83% Average Exam Percentage.

Apeejay School, Pitampura, New Delhi

The school is located near Sainik Vihar, Pitampura City and is ranked 20th with 1145/1500 in Delhi Survey. The school offer amenities for several forms of martial arts like taekwondo, etc. The robotics lab of the school is equipped with Lego Mindstorms & Robotics Kit. The school is a co-educational school affiliated to CBSE Board. 

Apart from academics, the school offers several opportunities to enhance the student’s extra-curricular skills in sports by organizing an annual scholar camp where the children can take part in various sports activities. The school has covered over 6.5 acres with several facilities like playground, swimming pool, well-equipped labs, indoor game facilities, skating rink, a library, Health & Medical Check-up facilities, an Amphitheatre, and Atal Tinkering Lab. 

Sanskriti School Delhi

Being a reputed and top formal school in Delhi they concentrate mainly on the academics of the students. The school is affiliated to CBSE Board. Sanskriti School has a large infrastructure that covers over 7.6 acres with several other facilities for the students to provide an excellent environment to learn. The school infrastructure also possesses a swimming pool, Canteen, Transportation Facilities, Amphitheatre, Dance Room, Gym, Library, Music Room, and Health & Medical Checkup amenities. 

Additionally, the school provides training through three media in a special unit called the Learning Center 

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya

The school is the best formal school in Pitampura which is totally CBSE affiliated. They totally center around enhancing academic performance. The school contains the greater part of the amenities which incorporates a Library, art & craft center, auditorium, well-equipped labs, and Indoor & Outdoor Sports Area.

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya has certain exceptional facilities for the students. In terms of the student’s academic performance, they give merit cards to the children exceeding expectations in academics with cutoff marks for each subject. They additionally provide opportunities for students to improve their co-curricular and extra-curricular activities like sports, public speaking, music, and arts. 

Why Is Maxfort Best School In North West Delhi?

Schools take the major role to carve and mold the kids for making them learn and shape their personality. With highly skilled and experienced teacher with an instructional method also makes the students shape their overall personality. This actually makes the environment a great place for the students to improve the comprehensiveness. Nowadays, it’s a true fact that most of the parents spend most of their earnings in their kid’s education as a fact of providing them with a sense of security and safety while learning and making the most of their school life.

There are a wide number of schools in society and you will be confused about how to choose the right one and how to determine if you are doing it well? These are some of the common questions that parents face while choosing the right school for their kid in west Delhi.

Maxfort School: The supreme institution

The school plays a major role in carving the best individual to society. The primary and secondary education are the things that cannot be stressed by both the society and government, thus, Maxfort School exists as a chain of schools providing top-class education facilities to its students.

The Maxfort School is arguably one of the largest institutions providing the best school level education in India in the private sector. 


As the best school in West Delhi, the mission of Maxfort School is to reach and maintain the best standard of excellence in the program of its overall education which empowers India’s heritage to offer committed and good human beings to the country.

Infrastructure Of Maxfort School


The classroom is the one place where students spend their time. It’s very much required to have an interactive environment for them to learn. Maxfort focuses more on providing large, airy and efficient classrooms for the students. 


The library is the place where they can explore a lot of things and expand their thinking. Maxfort has a large and well-stocked library that satisfies all the student’s requirements.


The classroom is the one place where students spend their time. It’s very much required to have an interactive environment for them to learn. Maxfort focuses more on providing large, airy and efficient classrooms for the students. 


Maxfort schools concentrate on the wellbeing and hygiene of the children. So they provide healthy nutritious food to their children, in a very clean and hygienic environment.

Medical Room:

Medical rooms in Maxfort campus are hygiene and clean with all ready to use first-aid and other facilities.


A well-equipped and well-designed gymnasium is available at all Maxfort schools with state-of-the-art facilities. 

Laboratory: A laboratory is the best place for the students to analyze, observe and infer, and experiment with many new things within mugging up. 

Medical Room:

Medical rooms in Maxfort campus are hygiene and clean with all ready to use first-aid and other facilities.

Well balanced Environment

The school also helps the students to maintain a well-balanced individual by providing several chances for physical activities. This kind of physical activity enhances a lot of other skills like mental alertness, leadership, team spirit, perseverance, obedience, and sporting spirit.

Nowadays, we have a lot of schools around, but only a few schools like Maxfort are equipped with all these main features mentioned above. It’s quite important for the parents to look for all the main features like classrooms, activities, community, infrastructure, teachers and another program. These are the important reason why a parent should choose the best schools for their kids. 

As a parent, you have to take enough time to analyze which is the best school for your kid to provide basic needs. This may really take time because you should know what is best for your child, then you have to get into the process of selection of the best school that suits your kid. 

How Maxfort School is different from others?

Treating every child unique

In today’s education, the kids require a different approach of teaching, and also the different mindset of instructors. This is because this era kids are packed with joy and excitement. Most of the kids are impatient but have more interest in learning new things. Every kid is unique, you can’t compare one with others. Students are to be encouraged about their strengths. Maxfort school makes the child explore the world freely.

Providing Facilitators and not teachers

Maxfort school consists of the best teachers and also the school offers a lot of regular in-service workshops and support programs for their teachers to make them sensitive, open-minded, flexible and meet the requirements of each student. The staffs are ready to provide a non-critical, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment for each child.

Learning through exploration and not from the imposition

Maxfort is one of the best schools that explore the unique talent of each kid and make them explore their own talent. They follow their approach of asking the students to find their answers by themselves instead of providing a definite answer to a question. 

Questions drive learning and not answer drive

Young kids with a curiosity to learn new things, they come up with a lot of questions like Why are roses red? Why do birds fly? Why are sweets sweet? Why is water wet? But most of the parents who have no patience will just answer these questions just like that based on their notions and knowledge, or, simply answer with a lack of patience and time.

Following Thematic approach

Children generally get disturbed and lack in concentration. They need proper stimulation to make them concentrated. Maxfort has MaxPower Curriculum to give a thematic approach of learning. Each student is well guided with the required skills and concepts through proper guidance, activities, and play. The school makes children learn happily and also it develop creative skills, intellectual skills, etc.

List of top schools in Delhi

Yes! It’s time for your child’s school admission! As a parent, you have to do a lot of research work before deciding the best school for your child. Get updated on all the best schools in your city before choosing one. 

Now, when you are scrolling for the top ten schools in Delhi, then its a big task for you, because there are more than 1,000 schools to choose from. Therefore, let’s discuss the top list of best CBSE schools in Delhi and then you will have some clear view on which one suits you the most.

It is a well-known fact that schools with better infrastructure can provide better education and help students to learn more. Moreover, a school with good infrastructure gets good ranks, because it is important to fulfill the needs of everyone. If you are wondering what are the top ten schools in Delhi, then the below rundown can help you choose the best one.  


Maxfort is one of the top ten schools in Delhi who believes that quality education can transform the future of our country. They offer all the facilities to maximize the potential of the student in a peaceful environment of the school. Likewise, they understand that every student has a unique talent and enhance their performance based on their observation, capacity, and interest to learn 

Here are some of the unique features of the school:

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar

AIS school is one of the top ten schools in Delhi. It is been constructed on an area of 1.4 acres. Amity is a co-educational school offering the best education to its students from pre-primary to class XII. AIS conducts an excellent exchange program for its students with the other students from the University of Philadelphia and New York.



 Delhi Public School

Delhi Public School was established in 1972, located in RK Puram which is a co-educational school providing the best education for classes from pre-primary to XII.

Delhi Public School is one of the most prestigious and top ten schools in Delhi. Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) syllabus. The school prides itself on over 5000 schools in India, with over 80,000 students. Education at Delhi Public School for your child is a shared commitment to intellectual growth, academic excellence, athletics, high standards of ethical awareness, art, sportsmanship, and community service. 



Modern School 

Modern School, as the name means with quality education, the school provides an excellent academic education to all their students. This institution of education was found in the year 1920 and was located in Daryaganj, New Delhi. Modern school with a vision of Creative imagination and creativity uniquely educates their students. They make sure that Education is provided in a holistic perspective where they develop every person’s intellectual, social, physical, emotional, artistic, creative and spiritual potentials. The institution provides coeducation for classes from pre-primary to XII. Here they encourage experiential learning by providing flipped classes, Reflection Sheets, etc. Sports and co-curricular activities are also encouraged to create a positive vibe in students along with academics make them as an all-rounder. 




Sanskriti School one of the Schools which is one of the top ten schools in Delhi non-profitable and service-oriented school in Delhi. The school mainly focuses and aims to offer proper inputs to develop the children with caring and sharing mentality. It also equipped to make the correct choices in life and develop to be responsible citizens of the country.


Bal Bharati Public School

The Mission of Bal Bharati school is in offering more opportunities for the development of a child’s personality. They discover the latent talents of each student and help them to come out with flying colors.

Campus Facilities:

Carmel Convent School

Carmel Convent School, New Delhi, is one of the top ten schools in Delhi. It was established in 1957 and is taken care of by the Congregation of Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel.



The British School

The British School is a non-profit school that provides the National Curriculum of England (IGCSE). This is one of the reputed schools in the city with more than 1000 students across the country. They offer the best environment for the students to learn and encourage them to learn while they play. The school not only focuses on education, but equally encourages music, sports, and other extracurricular activities to make you an all-rounder. 

Here are some of the attractive facilities:

The school houses well-stocked libraries, well-equipped computer labs, and a music room.

A medical room with a physician available in school hours

A hygienic canteen that offers savor fresh and wholesome food during break hours

Large playground with excellent facilities for several sports

Clean swimming pool

Hillwood Academy

Hillwood Academy School is established in 1982. The school focuses to offer a progressive and modern learning atmosphere for students to thrive. The school firmly believes that quality education with proper values can bring up a successful student. They follow the CBSE board curriculum and houses classes from nursery to XII.

Here are some of the unique facilities of the school:

Large, well- light and ventilated classrooms

Well-equipped labs to try out the concepts learned from the book 

Well-stocked libraries for all the classes

Indraprastha International School

Indraprastha International School highly focuses on the multifaceted growth of every student. They mainly emphasize the emotional, physical, mental and social development of the children. The school has been praised as one of the most reputed schools in Delhi. CBSE board syllabus is followed and they promote extra-curricular activities like creative writing, music, drama, sports and quiz competitions.

Here are some of the unique facilities on the campus: 

World-class facilities

Huge library with knowledgeable books 

Promotes indoor and outdoor activities 

Well-equipped and Hi-tech laboratories

The Frank Anthony Public School

The Frank Anthony Public School is one of the best schools in Delhi that was established in the year 1860. They follow the idea of global education and a global classroom. They offer classes from nursery to class XII. They follow the ICSE curriculum up to class X and ISC up to class XII examinations.

Here are some of the unique facilities on the campus:

Two computer laboratories

Laboratories for physics, biology, and chemistry

Laboratory for geography and mathematics

Library for junior and senior 

A shop selling accessories such as ties, belts, shoes, pullovers, etc.

Bookshop for exercise books and textbooks 

Sports Club

 Now you have read the comprehensive list of top schools in Delhi that follows various education standards and syllabus. Every one of the schools has good teaching faculty, experienced staff, and great infrastructure. Now it’s your turn to choose the right one for you.

Why Maxfort School Is Best In Pitampura?

In this changing world, schools play a vital role. There are several expectations among the parents like what should the schools teach, and how it should function. These are some of the several questions that parents come across while looking for the best school in Pitampura.

These questions should be answered with skilled teachers, schools that match the social requirements, and technology access in mind.  With the growing number of schools, you might wonder how to choose the right one and how to determine if you know if you are doing it well?

Here is what you can expect from a good school like Maxfort in Pitampura

Today’s Education is the one quality that will define a nation. In such an important process school is the first stepping stone to learning. It is the school where a kid imbibes all their values together with a high knowledge that equips the kid with all the requirements to accept the challenges of life with confidence. A good education should make sure that a child can hold their self-esteem high. With this vision and focus, they run the foundation stone of Maxfort School.

Maxfort school concentrates more to maximize the potential of each child in the safe environment of the school. They give importance to the uniqueness of each child and focus on their development. The school offers a colorful atmosphere where education and learning transform into fun, creating confident individuals in every aspect of physical, emotional, mental and social.

Unique strategies of Maxfort School

Treating every child unique

Kids are always packaged with joy and they are of course impatient but show more interest in learning new things. Each child is unique. Instead of making comparisons, it’s better to make them feel confident about their strengths. For which we require a different approach of teaching, and also the different mindset of instructors. The school allows the kid to freely explore their world.

Providing Facilitators and not teachers

The school ensures that they have the finest teachers. They conduct regular in-service workshops and support programs for the teachers. With all these instructions, the instructors become sensitive, open-minded and flexible to the requirement of each Maxfortians, and are ready to offer a non-critical, non-threatening and non-judgmental environment for a kid.

Learning through exploration and not from the imposition

Maxfort finds the inborn talent of each kid. They open your child’s mind to explore, this produces several amazing results. Instead of giving a definite answer to a question, ask them to explore the answer themselves. You’ll be really surprised with the results.

Questions drive learning and not answer drive

Generally, kids ask a lot of questions about why? Why are roses red? Why do birds fly? Why are sweets sweet? Why is water wet? It’s because of the curiosity of their fresh mind to learn about new things. But unfortunately, most parents take the easy way with such innocent curiosity. The people answer such questions based on their notions and knowledge, or, simply just shun the kids with a lack of patience and time.

Following Thematic approach

Young children lack out in paying attention to something. Thus, they require continuous brain stimulation to keep them concentrated. This is why the MaxPower Curriculum offers a thematic approach to learning. Each student at Maxfort learn the required skills and concepts through proper guidance, activities, and play. The school provides a unique combination of learning and teaching, which makes children learn happily and also it encourages them to develop creative skills, intellectual skills, etc.

What Maxfort provides apart from academics?


As we all know, Exercise is to keep a healthy body and knowledge is for the mind. Sports not only help the body physically fit but also to improve physical efficiency, mental alertness, and development of qualities. This is the main reason why the Maxfort school has a great emphasis and laid on their kids to take up sports. And also Maxfort Schools consists of a team of professionals to support the development of games. 


School excursions are the best way of engaging students and develop their minds. Maxfort School takes its students for regular trips to places of interest such as the Science and Railway Museums, Radio Stations, NASA, Historical Places, and even outstation excursions.


Dance is not only a form of art but its also a medium through which the kids learn and express themselves. Dance allows kids to improve knowledge by learning different styles. From this form of art, the kids develop courage and self-confidence by performing during the competitions.


As a part of an intricate interplay of language, voice, characters, movement, and improvisations, Theaterama guides the children to improve physically, how to work in teams and evolve with self-assured individuals.

Infrastructure of Maxfort 


Most time spent in school is the classroom. Thus, it’s more important for schools to have the most conducive environment for learning. Maxfort provides all classrooms which are large, airy and spacious to help the kids breathe easy.


A library helps children to excite their imagination and expand their horizons. At Maxfort, the library is meticulously stocked with books that are suitable for student’s requirements.


All Maxfort schools are replete with state-of-the-art cafeterias to provide healthy nutritious food to their children, in a clean and hygienic environment.

Medical Room

Maxfort consists of a medical room which is clean and hygienic, well equipped for first-aid and other facilities.


Maxfort schools are designed with well-equipped Gymnasiums for all its schools with state-of-the-art facilities. 


A laboratory offers great opportunities for the child to analyze, observe and infer, and not merely mug up concepts.


To help students to be well-balanced individuals, the school offers a lot of chances for physical activities. These help students not just to improve physical efficiency but also improves mental alertness, team spirit, leadership, perseverance, obedience, and sporting spirit.

As you explore several schools, you may or may not find all the features mentioned above. However, it is advised to look for features like classrooms, activities, community, infrastructure, teachers and another program. Schools like Maxfort will offer these excellent facilities and even more. These are the prime reasons why you should select this school to send your kid.

Choosing the appropriate private school for your kid is a basic need and might take time. The selection process has many sectors in which you should make complete research and should never forget that you understand what is the best choice for your child.

Which Is The Best School In Pitampura?

Any location can indeed be a suitable one for people who wish to learn. For them, learning and knowledge come in the first place, space doesn’t make a difference, and the physical setting is optional. However, we also cannot environment and the infrastructure of the states of the schools straightforwardly impacts the student’s performance. 

The area of a school plays a vital role, hence it has to be set up in a convenient environment. It should also be far away from pollution and hustle bustle traffic. Schools should have an environment where children can learn without much strain what is being instructed in school.

For this, the mood ought to be peaceful, the environment should be spacious with good utilities and amenities within an outwardly engaging landscape. The school ought to have enough lighting, useful amenities, resourceful libraries, play area, hygienic toilets, multipurpose rooms, storage spaces, playground, well-educated and experienced teachers. 

Importance of education and infrastructure

Education is one of the essential aspects of life. As children grow up, the right form of education makes them grow up as a person with new skills, right values and improve their knowledge. Education help in their daily lives to grow them a well-mannered adult, and supports to become a better person.

A good school in Pitampura can help them grow up as a more responsible citizen. Ultimately this will help them to lead a peaceful and successful life.

The infrastructure of the school not only enhances the performance of the students but also ensures the well-being of the children those who study there. The educational spaces along with a child-friendly ambiance and value-based learning show a huge imprint on the empirical well-being of children.

It can also improve their academic performance in school. It motivates the children to attend the classes and increases the interest to study. 

Some of the best schools like max fort have realized the importance of the school infrastructure and have invested a lot to improve the school infrastructure and education quality. 

Here are a few things you should look for while choosing the best school in Pitampura for your child:

School buildings:

As mentioned above, the school building has to be well-planned and spacious with excellent architectural features. Classrooms should have good ventilation along with all the other basic facilities like chairs, benches, fans, light, board, and projectors. In addition to this, the schools should also have laboratories for all subjects, craft and art workshop, school office, multimedia rooms and much more. The front wall of the classroom should have a suitable blackboard. The walls should also have cupboards to keep their books and other belongings.


Playing makes a person energetic and keeps them fit. Especially when it comes to kids, they love spending time in playing with their friends, and of course, the best place they all can meet is school and play. So it is more essential to provide them with sufficient space to play. Many can shine in their future with their interests to sports. Each school should encourage and nurture the kids for their better future.

Enough class rooms

Each school should maintain the required number of classes so that they can accommodate all their students without overcrowding in classes. If overcrowding happens, they cannot concentrate each student a d have an interactive session. Another important thing is they should admit an only required number of students they can manage, it depends on the resource they have.

A well-resourced library

A library is a repository of knowledge, all the school should contain a well-stocked library to enlighten the students and do all the required research to enhance their knowledge. Some of the best schools will have the library with a well-trained librarian, who can help the children to find the required book easily. It is also important that the library should be spacious enough to accommodate all the students.

 A workshop

Kids get involved in practical classes more when compared to theory classes. And a workshop is a place to learn practical skills for kids. Therefore, each school should maintain a workshop to develop kids with practical skills and knowledge.


As we all know, being fit helps us to be healthy and it should be taken into serious count. Outside the campus, we have a lot of gyms which are associated with bodybuilders, and also they are used for performance-enhancing substances. To better kill two birds with a single stone—it’s good for each school to have a well-equipped gym, for the development of the children and also to keep them away from drugs.

Numerous art programs

Many kids have an interest in arts, hence schools should also give importance to arts, other than sports and formal learning. Nowadays, it’s very rare to see where no prominent painters and musicians are emerging. And this makes clear that arts are not getting enough support at the school level.

Schools in Pitampura

Some of the best schools in Pitampura like maxfort has excellent infrastructure. Each building is constructed with unique and structured with age design. The main factor about the Pre School building is the eye-catching courtyard and a big block room. The highlight of the Middle School building is improved and built with the top quality structure and appealing design.

The beautiful campus is filled with lush greens. At leisure time, Students can even take short treks in the orchards within the campus. To be best connected with nature, there are also many open classrooms and teachings are conducted in those open classroom. The campus not only has concrete buildings but also has trees, plants, and flowers that enhance the students to study in a beautiful natural environment.

Schools in Pitampura has a very well built premise with many beautiful and exquisite facilities, this is not because they are built with gorgeous constructive objective, but also this enhance the students to sit and play with their peers. Students, who study here, grow with these beautiful elements and relate these elements with their life and move to the next section with fond memories.

Maxfort is one of the top-ranked best schools in Delhi. The school works with a mission to create the best students for the society. They believe that providing quality education can change the future of our country.

The facilities provided by the school maximize the potential of each student and to develop in a peaceful environment. The school believes that each student is unique and possess unique talent, so they focus on each student to enhance their performance based on their capacity, observation, and interest.

The best and quality education can be provided only at the right ambiance.

Hence, the school building should be constructed with planning and love. The school premises consist of four buildings, each building maintains the school’s chief architectural style, yet designed in very modern style. Everything is maintained by the administration department.

Here are some of the unique features of the schools in Pitampura like Maxfort: 


Consists of comfortable classrooms with the best learning environment to improve the quality of the student and create a peaceful learning environment


Ergonomically designed furniture provides the most convenient position for the student to read or write.


The school library is stocked up with all required books. Every year the library is also upgraded.


Most hygienic cafeterias are another important facility available.

In addition to these mentioned facilities, the school also has a Medical room, laboratory for all subjects and Audio-video room gymnasium.

Extracurricular Activities At Best Delhi Private School

The days are gone when the schools were only restricted to the teaching of academics.

The day started with a classroom session and ended with a classroom session in the traditional schools.

Today, the best Delhi private schools provide smart learning to the kids for their holistic development.

It is the age of cut-throat competition, and excellence in every field is the need of the hour to not only survive oneself but emerge as a winner too.

If studies are important, so are sports and music.

These extra-curricular activities at best private schools in Delhi help to inculcate a lot of good qualities in the children such as discipline, ability to work in teams, soft skills development, and much more.

A child’s involvement in these activities means a wide exposure to the real world.

Interaction with the other children, who are also a part of these extra activities, makes them smarter, amiable and helps eliminate the communication inhibition.

It is observed that some parents are bothered that these extra-curricular activities distract the kids from academics.

But they must understand that it is equally important to identify their passion or talent and promote them.

They also must know that even a little participation in these activities results in improved brain functioning.

Other important learnings like time management, responsiveness, responsibility, and ability to prioritize are also the by-products of extra-curricular activities at best Delhi private schools in Delhi.

This is why many good Delhi private schools such as Maxfort school Pitampura provide the facility of several extra-curricular activities.

Extra-Curricular activities at best Delhi private schools

Also known as after school activities, the extra-curricular activities are a great opportunity for the students to learn new things, new skills, and new opinions.

The aim of the extra-curricular activities is the knowledge and growth of a child in every field which often results in their overall personality development.

Some popular extra-curricular activities that Delhi private schools have are:

Sports at best Delhi Private School

Organized sports are one of the best and most popular extra-curricular activities.

Along with teaching the students the skill and knowledge related to that particular sport, it also teaches the students discipline, commitment, determination, mental balance, organization, teamwork, how to make a strategy, etc. which are crucial to have in oneself.

Sports excellently contributes to physical fitness, agility, and energy.

In this age, where early disease and child obesity is prevalent, a routine physical exertion is a must for an immaculate healthy growth of a child, and sports is the best way to achieve it.

Maxfort school Pitampura cannot agree more to it, and truly believes that sports education is an essential element for the growth of both the body and mind of a child.

Along with physical fitness, it also leads to the social development of a child. The sports surely inculcate confidence and self-esteem in a child.

Maxfort school Pitampura has a rich campus which is equipped with expansive playing fields.

The school facilitates and offers learning and skill development in various sports like Cricket, Basketball, Lawn Tennis, etc.

The school has a team of learned, experienced, and expert coaches who train their students in different sports activities.

The job of the coach is to identify the talent of the child, recognize which sports he has skills and interest in, and then encourage him to develop proficiency in that sport.

Inter and Intra school sports tournaments organized by Maxfort school Pitampura provides a platform to the students which helps them with an exposure to a wider audience and bigger talents to seek inspiration from and get high spirited.

Music at best private school in Delhi

It has been proven by various studies that learning a musical instrument leads to high engagement of both the sides of the brain.

It drives a person towards innovation and makes him analytical too.

The best Delhi private schools are aware of this and hence many of them have furnished their infrastructure with various music facilities.

Maxfort school Pitampura too believes that music enhances different feelings of celebration, sadness, adoration, relaxation, etc. and makes the students optimistic and harmonious to their inner self.

Moreover, learning music will be a great addition to the child’s experience and he will have some fond memories to relish forever.

To allow the students to get creative and artistic, Maxfort school Pitampura provides students with learning of different forms of music and musical instruments.

Based on the child’s interest, it can be elevated to a higher level.

There are music teachers who have an in-depth knowledge of music and are adept in imparting the same to the students to make them a pro at it.

The modern teaching methods are used to explain rhythms, beats, pitch, and other music dynamics to the students.

The school also organizes different music events and encourage their student to take part in various local, national, and international music festivals while providing them in-house support.

Theatre at Maxfort School Pitampura

Many successful theatre artists or celebrity stars had started their theatrical skills in the school itself.

If your child finds himself inclined towards theatres and acting, the best Delhi private school like Maxfort school Pitampura will leave no effort in honing his skills and provide the best support to enable him to master the art.

To many, theatre performance is like a therapy and it can greatly relieve their stress.

Through an acting performance, they can express themselves and can tell their story while the audience can enjoy their dialogues.

Art & Craft

One of the best and the most loved activity, especially a favorite of small children, is provided in many Delhi private schools.

Since art is something which can be a reflection of one’s own personality and can greatly aid discovering oneself, it is important to be taught and promoted.

The art and craft teachers at the Maxfort school Pitampura help the children to bring in their creativity and allow them to exhibit the same on the drawing sheet.

They help them to creates forms, figures, and develop an understanding of the concept.

Having sessions of art and craft is important because it teaches the child to get creative and imaginative, which ultimately helps in the all-round development of the child.

As per many scientific research and studies, the fact that art & craft can transform a simple student to a holistic student has become clear.

Various visual and audio formats are involved in the art and crafts other than painting and sketching, such as dance, music, theatre, movie, etc.

At Maxfort, the superb facilities of art and craft led by a team of skilled professionals, help the students develop their talent in the art.

Using the medium of art and craft, the students can develop many skills and qualities such as motor skills, ingeniousness, intuitive ability, cultural cognizance, confidence, management ability, and much more.

The art lessons also soothe the child, releases their academic pressure, and make them forget their worries.


Dance is an expression of inner feelings.

If we are sad, we go for the relaxed dance moves, when we are happy, we perform dance steps with a lot of energy and smile on the lips.

Our every moment is a communication of a feeling. Dance is therefore not just an activity, but a strong expression and emotion.

The best Delhi private schools provide the required support and skill in the students. They are encouraged both for solo dance and group dances.

The dance helps the children develop attentiveness, memory enhancement, agility, muscle strength, physical fitness, and much more.

Maxfort school Pitampura teach their children this majestic art form in the humblest yet professional manner.

The children are given the freedom to choose the dance style they wish and prefer. They are trained in dance with all the grace and exquisiteness.

The dance faculty at Maxfort school Pitampura are adept in various dance forms. They nurture the small dancers by teaching important dance moves.

Intensive dance training is provided to those who are interested in learning an advanced dance form.


The club concept in schools has gained a lot of popularity.

There are several different clubs that are formed by the school and the students are expected to join one or few of them as per their interest and inclination.

These clubs are meant to provide an expert knowledge of the subject matter, skill development in that subject, conducting workshops and seminars for intercommunication and getting collectively learned through an integrated approach.

Like in Maxfort school Pitampura there are recreational clubs such as newspaper club, gardening club brain teaser club, cyber club, dance club (classical and western), symphony club, chef club, theatre club, photography club, pottery club, eco-club, English club, sports club, and different clubs associated with different subjects.

Delhi private schools also organize different seminars and workshops to enable the students to learn different aspects of life.

Maxfort school has theatre workshop, crisp workshop, effective and new teaching strategies workshop, code of conduct workshop, understanding adolescence workshop, inspirational workshop, team building workshop, health promotion and counseling workshop and many more.

10 Reasons Why Maxfort Pitampura Is Amongst Best Private Schools in Delhi

Selecting the best school for your kid is important because schools play a key role in shaping their lives.

Along with academics, a good school will always teach their students, valuable lessons like social skills, conduct, discipline, work ethics, moral values, etc. too.

A school widens the horizon of the child by introducing him to diverse points of views and different cultures, which will help him become a better and stronger person.

The best schools also identify the child’s talent and hone it to help him build a flourishing career. Rightly said, schooling is the most important phase of one’s life.

Finding the right school for your child is extremely significant because it makes a lot of difference in their career and overall life.

Parents are aware of the importance of a good school and what role it can play in their child’s life; hence they want to enroll their kids in the best school in their town.

If you aspire for a school in Delhi, which can provide your kids with an immaculate academic education, and can inculcate human values in them too, then you must consider Maxfort Pitampura.

Maxfort Pitampura

An ISO certified school, Maxfort Pitampura, a private school in Delhi, believes in progressive education which can make a person competent and efficient so that he can achieve his short-term and long-term goals in life and also make him a person who can significantly contribute towards the betterment of the society.

They understand that education is a powerful tool which can positively nurture the child and make a person successful in both his career and his life.

Maxfort lives in the philosophy of integrated education. The school believes that every child is unique and the children may have different traits and different potential.

Understanding this, Maxfort provides their students with a kind of environment where everyone gets a chance to excel and learn to perform their best.

The school also aims to provide a platform to the students where they learn to build a relationship between them and get empowered collectively.

Since Maxfort realizes their responsibility and is aware of the fact that the onus of shaping the future of our country lies on them, and hence it strongly features itself as the best school in the list of schools of Delhi.

Now, let us understand what are the reasons that make Maxfort Pitampura, one of the best private schools in Delhi.

1)     An extensive curriculum

“Kids prosper best with a broad curriculum that celebrates their various talents, not just a small range of them.”

-Sir Ken Robinson

This is what the school propagates and believes in. The curriculum at Maxfort school Pitampura is planned in an extensive, pragmatic, and a dynamic way which empowers the students to become omniscient and knowledgeable.

The inquisitive students are provided detailed learning of the concepts so that they can absorb all important things, through a structured framework.

The curriculum is kept quite flexible so that the students are exposed to learning new things. The little active learners are treated with an integrated learning approach where an effort is made to balance the knowledge with their potential.

2)     Skill development

Skill development is as important as imparting knowledge, and Maxfort is well aware of this fact. Not all the private schools in Delhi focus so much on sharpening the skills, and this is exactly where Maxfort school Pitampura enjoys an edge.

The academicians and curriculum developers at Maxfort understand the significance of the relation between knowledge which is more theoretical, and skill development which is more practical, and therefore, they have been able to strike a unique amalgamation of the two, since the time school was formed.

3)     Interactive learning

Maxfort school Pitampura is one of those private schools in Delhi, where classroom learning is not one-way communication.

The teachers at Maxfort are trained to invite the students to speak, ask queries, analyze, and investigate because this is what can lead to great learning and a good understanding of the basics.

The queries of the students are solved right then and there so that they are better able to grasp the impending lectures.

4)     Thematic Approach

The curriculum at Maxfort emphasizes thematic learning or learning within a theme.

It has been proven by various studies and researches that thematic learning is more effective, enjoyable, powerful, and natural.

The children are more engaged, vibrant, and actively involved when they learn through a theme.

The things that are taught to them in various subjects, everything is connected to a theme.

The beauty of this aspect of learning is that the children are able to learn everything related to the theme such as vocabulary, word building, sentence making, and much more.

It is also known to develop soft skills and conceptual skills in the kids which they can apply to the real world.

5)     Beyond academics

The school understands that this is the right stage to develop values in the children and hence, the curriculum at Maxfort school Pitampura does not only focus on the academics but also develops vital skills that are imperative for becoming a good human being.

One of the primary objectives of the school is to develop social, cultural, and human values in the students so that the overall development of children can happen at the right time.

6)     Extra-curricular engagements

Maxfort school Pitampura tops the chart in the list of schools in Delhi which introduces their students to the diverse extra-curriculum engagements.

The students are trained in dance, music, theatre, sports, art, and craft.

There are recreational clubs in the school like newspaper club, gardening club brain teaser club, cyber club, dance club (classical and western), symphony club, chef club, theatre club, photography club, pottery club, eco-club, English club, sports club, and different clubs associated with different subjects.

The school is divided into four houses of Garnet, Topaz, Ruby, and Coral and every house propagates a unique virtue.

The learning is imparted through different seminars and workshops like theatre workshop, crisp workshop, effective and new teaching strategies workshop, code of conduct workshop, understanding adolescence workshop, inspirational workshop, team building workshop, health promotion and counseling workshop and many more.

These workshops are a great way to ready for students to face different challenges and facets of life.

7)     Safety norms

Child safety is the primary concern for Maxfort school Pitampura.

In this age, when the parents are always concerned considering the safety aspect of the child, it is important for them to know and understand that the safety and security of the child are ensured in every way and is strictly followed at Maxfort school Pitampura.

The school is equipped with CC TV cameras on every floor of the building. The school also houses security guards from a reputed agency to keep the students secured and guarded every time.

8)    Infrastructure

Maxfort Pitampura is one school in the list of schools in Delhi, that has an extensive infrastructure. The school is proudly spread over a half acre land.

To start with, the school campus has a welcoming reception desk to seek all the information from. Then there is a library for the intellectuals and art and crafts room for budding creators.

A computer room is for technical learning while there is a medical room for the children who may fall sick during their school hours.

The ventilated classrooms are well furnished with plasma screens. There is a huge playground in the school too, where the students can enjoy sports, and develop expertise in different sports like cricket, skating, lawn tennis, basketball, and many more.

A sprawling swimming pool is one of the best additions to the school where the students can learn and develop their swimming skills.

There are separate clean and hygienic washrooms for girls and boys which are always well maintained by the maids and attendants.

There is also a cafeteria which provides healthy, nutritious, delicious, and fresh food and snacks to the students.

Then there are labs supervised by teachers and lab attendants, where the students can enrich themselves with the practical experience.

9)     Location

Location is one important consideration for parents when they look for a list of schools in Delhi. A convenient location means better access and reach.

Maxfort is located on Parwana Road in Pitampura, one of the best locations you can aim for! This area sports of a lush green landscape which is easily approachable from all corners of the city. It has a metro station nearby too.

10)  Special education

Since the school believes that every child is important and giving them an all-inclusive system, which can make them more confident to face the challenges of life is crucial.

The school has developed a special education program which can take care of the students who have special needs.

The Special education program includes special teaching methods, learning aids, materials, equipment, special educator, and special training sessions and workshops.

Which is the Top school in Delhi?

Today, education is a term that not only encompasses academics but also includes personality development and more importantly, a medium for the overall development of a child.

Every parent who is looking for admission has checklist handy as everyone wants their child to go to the best school in Delhi.

Maxfort Pitampura Is One Of The Top Schools In Delhi

However, in this race to reach the best school in Delhi, parents often forget that apart from going for the best school, it is equally important to understand what will benefit your child.

More often than not, we put our child in the school we want but sadly the child doesn’t flourish as per our expectations. This leads to stress.

Thus, it is better to look for a school that meets your requirement as well as the need of your child, and you will see that it will be the best school for your child.

Often, we try and locate the best school in Delhi through various Delhi top school list available on the internet.

On paper anyone can make be the Top school in Delhi, however, it is important to understand a few key factors before selecting the school.

Apart from basic hygiene needs, a school needs to offer the best in:

Thus, new age schools like Maxfort School at Pitampura offers various extracurricular activities such as dancing, swimming, dramatics and such apart from an excellent education.

Maxfort School – one of the best schools in Delhi believes in empowering the child which not only creates a stress-free learning environment but also builds confidence in the child to face the challenges.

Another important factor that you need to check in the Top school in Delhi is their views on the right to education and inclusive education.

Both of these are the need of the hour. Every child has a right to basic education including special need children.

For a long time, children with special needs have been ignored at every turn in our society. However, society is changing and acceptance of special need children is also on the rise.

A school that believes in Right to Education for all and has inclusive education at schools definitely needs to make it to Delhi top school list.

Thus a Top school in Delhi such as Maxfort sets an example for the other school in Delhi. They promote in encourage inclusive education.

Not only through academics but also by having a fully trained faculty who not only contribute to the academic development of children with special need but also look after their social and behavioral development.

Also, they have regular skill update for teachers that help them cope with changing the need of the hour. Their infrastructure also promotes inclusive education.

Thus, Maxfort is setting an example for other schools on how to be an inclusive school.

Such progressive thinking school produces academically brilliant and a responsible citizen who will contribute to making our world a better place.

Inclusive education teaches acceptance and respect for all without any prejudice. And such a core belief system separates Top school in Delhi from the others.

So, if you have already chosen your best school in Delhi, check for these pointers. As we all know, the curriculum is the backbone of any educational institution.

Without the relevant curriculum, a school will not contribute to the development of a child.

A school with progressive thinking such as Maxfort has a curriculum to enhance individual potential.

Some of the advantages of having a well thought out, in tune with time and practical curriculum are:

Today, when the world is progressing at a rapid rate, the best school education has become the need of the hour.

Old school education system has become irrelevant and more and more parents are looking for a school that not only builds an educational base but also imbibes values that make for great humans.

Today, along with scholars and geniuses, we also need people who are responsible citizen, are progressive and liberal in thinking.

And only the best schools in Delhi will be able to impart such character because they themselves represent this ideology.

Schools like Maxfort are laying a foundation for the new generation who will become tomorrow’s leaders.

Therefore, select a school that is relevant to today’s time yet is able to scale down as per the potential of your child.

Top school in Delhi focuses on overall development and encourage children to pursue their potential irrespective of the area that they chose.

Best schools are flexible enough to incorporate the changes needed to meet the changing times. Also, with the best faculty, best curriculum, best infrastructures Top school in Delhi like Maxfort is ready to take up the challenge of being the change that we want in society.

Remember as they say to be the change you want to be and today we need more and more schools to lay the foundation of the change we are looking for.

A well-rounded development of a child is the responsibility of parents and school. And both need to work together to achieve this goal.

Therefore, if you see the best school in Delhi, they all have a program in place that encourages free communication with parents and encouraging two-way communication to achieve a common goal – a well-educated and well-balanced child development.

Therefore, if you want your school to feature in Delhi top school list, read through and understand where you are going wrong.

And as a thumb rule, remember that today’s parents are more focused on quality rather than quantity and are not naive enough to fall for a marketing gimmick.

Thus, the Top school in Delhi that meets all these requirements in unarguable Maxfort school located at Pitampura.

How to choose best school in Delhi for your child?

Schools have started in full swing and though parents of school going children have heaved a sigh of relief, parents who are about to begin their children’s school journey are gearing up for the mammoth task of finding the best school in Delhi for their children.

Today, finding a Delhi’s best school and getting admission in the desired school is nothing less than securing a seat in IIM or an IIT.

Basic school education is also becoming as competitive as professional education and is no wonder that parents are stressed about getting into the best school in Delhi of their choice.

Apart from other consideration, fees also play a crucial role in your admission since it’s a recurring commitment and financial commitment to higher education also needs to be planned at the same time.

Today, parents do not leave a single stone unturned to look for Delhi’s best school.

The preparation starts from 7-8 months or for some school even a year before the actual admission date.

After shortlisting the school the parent’s research the schools based on various parameters and also undertake visits and feedback from existing parents of Delhi private school.

It is true that good education foundation provides lifelong benefits and therefore parents don’t want to compromise on their children’s school education.

So, if you are confused and if you haven’t yet figured out on how to decide the best school in Delhi here is the rundown on few pointers that a parent should keep in mind while finalizing the school.


Unlike previous decade where Curriculum was limited to SSC and ICSE, today there are multiple choices available such as CBSE, IB, IGCSE, and Cambridge. And every curriculum has positive & negative points.

Thus, deciding on which curriculum to go for mainly depends on parents and what are they aiming to achieve.

Popularly, if the parents have transferable Job, then opting for CBSE or ICSE is advisable to maintain the continuity in education.

Similarly, if, there are prospects or desire to shift to a foreign country than following IB or IGCSE curriculum is more practical.

Another consideration is each child is unique with a unique way of learning. Choosing the curriculum that will best match your personality is also very crucial.

Extra-curricular Activities

Only academics are not enough for today’s children. Extra-curricular activities like art & craft, music, dance, theatres, and such help children recognize their interest and talent.

It also helps in the overall development of the children. Thus, while hunting for the best school in Delhi, check what all do they offer in extra-curricular activities.

Student-Centric Approach

Today, more and more school are realizing the benefits of having a student-centric approach.

With Inclusive education taking momentum it is important than ever before to have a student-centric approach where teachers or special educator are made available to help children who find it difficult to cope with a regular pace.

Schools like Maxfort School Pitampura, in fact, have a trained staff to handle special need kids.

Also, a better child-teacher ratio is important for individual attention especially, in pre-school years. So, rather than blindly opting for a school it is always advisable to check whether the setup is ideal for your children.

All the best school in Delhi have a high teacher to student ratio.

Schools Credibility

Today education has become a big business and therefore many schools have come up claiming to offer the international curriculum. Even for parents, putting children in IB schools has become a matter of pride.

Today, for parents admission in Delhi private school is not enough. They want to get into the best school in Delhi.

However, it is advisable to check the credibility of the school and, before finalizing the Delhi’s best school check the credibility of the school and international recognition if you are looking at IB or IGCSE schools.


Education has become expensive. And if you opt for Delhi private school or IB or IGCSE, the cost of education will rise. And it is not a onetime expense, it is a recurring expense which will only rise year after year.

IB schools have outgo of around 1 lakh. So you can calculate how much financial commitment is required. Furthermore, you also need to take into account that after school, higher education is waiting to drain you of your finances.

Therefore, it is advisable to check the fee-structure and any other payments that will be required throughout the year. Also, if Delhi’s best school can help you with approx.

The figure for the next 2-3 years you will get a clear picture of what are you getting into. However, the thing to remember here is not to overstretch yourself financially.

Choosing Delhi’s best school within your financial means is better than rooting for a school you cannot afford.


A parent, while selecting the Delhi private school should also keep the travel time in mind. It is better to have a school within quick reachable distance.

This not only helps in avoiding long and tiring commute for children but also in case of an unfortunate instance, you are able to reach the school on time. Most populated areas will have a good school.

For example, Maxfort school Pitampura is the best choice if you live near the area.

Another factor is that long commute not only tires out the children but also take away precious time which they can otherwise utilize more beneficially.


Some of the best schools in Delhi boast of great infrastructure. From state of the art classroom to independent playground and in some schools swimming pool also is part of their infrastructure.

So, while selecting the school attention to the infrastructure in a must. Having a larger place and modern infrastructure is the need of the hour.

However, whether a school is able to maintain the safety standard and quality of education is what you as a parent need to look for while looking for Delhi’s best school.

Safety Measures

A child’s safety is of utmost importance It is always beneficial to opt for a school who take children’s security and safety seriously. Check for CCTV camera and whether you have the access of the same.

Whether the staff hired are verified through professional agencies and if there is a doctor on call or a medical room to address the mishaps that children get into from time to time.

Also, are all faculties trained in first-aid or not. A child spends the maximum number of hours in school and therefore the school should take the responsibility of children’s safety and security while they are in their care.

Best school in Delhi have all such facilities. Maxfort School Pitampura is one such school that takes the safety of the child seriously.

Use of Technology

In earlier times technology was not a requisite for schools. However, today technology is touching every aspect of our lives and therefore exposure to technology within reasonable parameters is a much needed-aspect that parents need to look into it.

There is no running away from exposing the children to technology, however, how responsibly the Delhi private school utilizes the same is what parents need to check.

Laptop, I-pad, and smart TVs are common for school going children. However, age-appropriate exposure and usage will both help children use this technology with a responsibility like Maxfort School Pitampura.

Parent-teacher interaction

With growing up children, it is easy for parents to miss out on signs that may signal distress in their children.

Today, life is not easy for students and they have to deal with peer pressure, performance anxiety and parental pressure to be the best in all that he does.

This cannot be easy for children and the chances of getting into the wrong company or wrong path are higher. In such cases, if there is open communication between school and parents with a common goal of looking after children’s well-fare, it becomes easier.

Schools like Maxfort school Pitampura encourage regular Parent-teacher interaction.

Education not only prepares one for life but also build up the character of the children. Also, education is not easy as it was earlier and peer pressure is at an all-time high.

In such a scenario, it is no wonder that parents are preparing for Delhi’s best school admission may be a year prior to the actual admission process.

Along with children, it is also a parent’s exams with interviews and what they bring to the table. Every parent wants the best for their children but it is necessary to remember that the best school in Delhi might not be the best for your child.

So, understand your child and see what will work form him. Pay attention to small details especially for pre-school kids and then opt for Delhi’s best school that matches your requirement.

Thus to wrap we just would like to say that provide the best for your child but not at the cost of theirs and your mental peace. So have you started your research for Delhi’s best school yet!

Give them wings, but don’t decide their flight!

Parenting is not just a difficult but a responsible job. With each step taken towards the betterment of our child, underlies little insecurity about the child’s untold future. Often we hear parents saying “I want my child to become an engineer, doctor, dancer etc. In such cases parenting guidance becomes ever bothering expectations and burdens a child. Though we all talk about holistic approach towards learning;which includes curricular and co curricular activities both given equal importance. Yet many of us still feel afraid seeing their child’s developing interest in any other co-curricular activity e.g. music, arts, dance etc. The reason is we still think that this may lose a child’s interest in academics or the child may lack in other important skills to be developed. Hence, this leads to restricting of a child’s natural talent or molding your child’s hobbies and interests according to your own interests.

An educated parent of today enrolls the child in variety of hobby classes which is commendable, but at times those classes are decided by a parent not by a child. It’s also noticed many a times that we often feel very irritated if our child frequently changes his/her interests and criticize this habit thinking the child is indecisive or good for nothing. This negative attitude stops a child in exploring his/her innate talent. In the attempt of giving best to our child, we don’t give them scope of trying something new and to make mistakes. As a parent we have to understand the fact that our task is to do our jobs sincerely without pressurizing our child.

We need to provide them exposure of variety of skills be it curricular or co-curricular and let them decide what they want to become in their lives. We need to support their disappointments and celebrate their success. We all should aim to make our child find his/her special interest rather than pursuing the approach “Jack of all but masters of none”. We can nurture them, guide them, provide them opportunities; yet we have no right in making them what we want.

Young children are like little birds waiting to fly high.
Give them wings, but don’t decide their flight.

Look through you child’s eyes!

Look through a child’s eyes
This world will appear a big surprise
You learn without paying any price
These young minds will cover miles and miles.

A child’s mind has always been an interesting topic to study among the various psychologists around the world as it is less conditioned by complex mind of an adult. Children can see, observe and perceive things in their own natural and distinct way which may be completely different than a conditioned mind of an adult. To understand a thing better, we all need to look at the world through their eyes as they have the capability to imagine and make things possible without the fear of failure. To strengthen our understanding about children, a renowned child author Dada J.P Vaswani has written several anecdotes in his famous book “101 stories for you and me”.

One of the interesting anecdotes of this book goes like this “Once a businessman returned home in the evening and settled himself in an easy chair, and started reading the evening newspaper. His five-year-old son disturbed him, again and again. To keep the boy busy, he took a world map, which was given in an advertisement, tore it into bits, and passed on the scraps to the child, saying,

” Go and fix the world map together, and I will give you a box of candies.”The father was sure that the boy, having no knowledge of geography, would never be able to do the task. Within a matter of minutes, however, the

boy returned bringing the world map. Astonished, the father asked, “How could you do it?”
The boy answered, “Father, behind the world map was the face of a child. I put the child right, and the world came out right!”

The above story tells us about the creative minds of the young children which can work without inhibitions of trying anything new. They don’t need to be taught anything, they just need to be motivated to explore the world on their own. They need to be nurtured in such an environment where their innate instincts and capabilities are never shadowed by our pre conceived idea of this world. There are endless possibilities in this ever growing world and many great inventions, discoveries, technological advancements etc. are still left to be explored. So, take out sometime from your busy schedule and sit with your child to look at this world through his or her eyes. You might come up with a complete new definition of this life.

Why Maxfort School Pitampura Is The Best School In Delhi?

When it comes to the top list of schools, parents have to plan wisely way ahead to choose the best schools in Delhi. It is good to stay updated about the best schools in Pitampura as you will find a long list of schools here.

Maxfort School, Pitampura is one of the best schools in Pitampura.

Therefore, this article tells you Why Maxfort School Pitampura is the Best School in Delhi.

About Maxfort School Pitampura

Every child is educable when given a conducive environment, and the best schools in Delhi like Maxfort School Pitampura respects these diverse capabilities of every child.

Every child has the right to access knowledge and skills and keeping these evolutionary changes and the changing face of society towards education, there arises an immediate need to develop a dynamic curriculum so that Maxfortians get the balanced and best education to prepare them for the world waiting out there.

Maxfort School Pitampura seek to empower them with a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and help them to evolve into socially conscious and responsible personalities.

Maxfort School is the best school in Pitampura as a team of professional educators leads them.

This team seeks advice regularly from its advisory board for the bright future of Maxfortians. The advisory board members of Maxfort are high esteemed educationists with a wide range of expertise.

Mr. S. Regunathan, IAS (Retd.),
Mr. C.N.S Nair, IAS (Retd.) and Mr. Narendra Prasad, IAS (Retd.) are a few members in the advisory board.


Maxforts curriculum is a powerful tool initiated by them after gaining an in-depth understanding of how children understand, learn, and develop themselves.

The Maxfort School has a strong Curriculum that is relevant in the current global scenario and empowers Maxfortians in every aspect of personality development.

This curriculum helps every child to grow up as a personality, preparing them mentally, physically, and emotionally to make their lives better and successful.

Max Empowerment

At various stages of growth, children tastes for food and clothing, similarly they will have a taste for their learning just like all other needs.

This is why the Maxfort school Pitampura, has initiated a MaxPower curriculum, which is a thematic approach.

Each of the levels empowers Maxfortians through its objectives, syllabi, and curriculum.

Every child is unique, and the facilitators at Maxfort are not just teachers and help every Maxfortian learn through exploration, not imposition because they should realize that success is an attitude not merely an aptitude.

The curriculum encourages the children to ask questions because questions drive learning, not answers at Maxfort.

Beyond Academics

Being one of the best schools in Delhi, Maxfort school Pitampura encourages Maxfortians in sports, Excursions, Dance, Music, Arts and Crafts besides regular academics.

Sports and Games

Exercise is to the body as reading and knowledge are to the mind. Physical activities contribute not only to physical fitness but also to physical efficiency, mental wellness, and development of qualities such as team spirit and leadership.

Sports give an opportunity for self-expression and self-improvement and are useful in developing good character and individual personality.

This is why the emphasis is laid on Maxfortians to take up sports in the MaxPower curriculum.

Maxfort School Pitampura have a team of sports professionals to support development in sports like Tennis, Cricket, etc.  They help identify the abilities of young children and nurture their skills.

Children at Maxfort are encouraged to participate in sports and events for their development rather defeat others.

Maxfort school Pitampura has Tennis and Basketball courts, Cricket pitches, Swimming pool, Skating area, Snooker, and Pool.


Maxfort School organizes regular trips and tours to places of interest such as the Science and Railway Museums, NASA, Radio Stations, Historic Places, and even outstation excursions as they are an engaging way to develop students’ mind.

Apart from gaining knowledge, these excursions help Maxfortians to build self-confidence, organizational and interpersonal skills, and social etiquettes.


At Maxfort, dancing is a medium through which Maxfortians learn to express their thoughts and expressions.

As a part of the MaxPower Curriculum, dance allows children to enhance knowledge by learning different styles.

They also develop courage and leave stage fear by performing during the School Assemblies and on stage. In young children, dance not only enhances knowledge but also helps in building muscle strength, motor coordination, and even mental wellness.

Arts & Crafts

Art has been scientifically proven to influence a child’s development in more ways than one! Art encompasses all kinds of audio-visual forms such as painting, theatre, movie, music, dance, among others.

It can be a compelling and engaging way to teach languages; build physical agility; develop teamwork, self-expression, and self-confidence among Maxfortians.


A critical component of MaxPower Curriculum, Theaterama provides Maxfortians with a platform to showcase their inherent creative potential.

Through theaterama, Maxfort helps children to learn teamwork and evolve as confident and self-assured personalities.


Scientific research says music education and brain development goes side by side. Music brings inner peace by getting attuned to the many languages of music like beats, rhythm, pitch numbers, and note letter names.

Children in music education can easily pick up complex expressions, grasp the fundamentals of Mathematics and Sciences besides making Maxfortians more self-confident through stage performances.


Being the best school in Delhi, Maxfort school Pitampura provides world-class facilities, spacious classrooms, library, labs, etc. that helps Maxfortians in learning and improving their skills.

Infrastructure includeSpacious Classroom and Ergonomically designed furniture, library with internet access, Clean and hygienic Cafeteria, Medical Room for first aid, Gymnasium, Audio – Visual Rooms, Science and Computer Labs and Others- Tennis and Basketball courts, Cricket Pitches, Swimming Pool, Skating Area, etc.

Address: Zone H 4 and 5, Parwana Road, Pitampura, New Delhi – 110034.

Contact  number : 011 – 27034035, 27034036, 27034798, 27034799

Email ID : info@maxfortpitampura.com

With a good vision, the strong curriculum at each level with a set of objectives and syllabi, extra-curricular activities that help the Maxfortians to build self-confidence and enhances learning and world-class infrastructure makes Maxfort School Pitampura one of the best schools in Delhi

Choose Your Words Wisely

Sometimes a picture itself is worthy than thousand words. One such picture is given below. Observe it for at least five minutes and try to understand the value of your words used with your child during your day to day interaction.

Pic Courtesy: “The Good Quote” page on Instagram.

Yes, this is one horrific picture which is capable of giving goose bumps and can make us perspire thinking that how can we damage our child’s brain just by using some words e.g. “I don’t have time for this “, “You are capable of nothing”, “This is your fault !” , “You are good for nothing”, “Your brother is smarter than you” etc. You might not have used these words or phrases intentionally but yes we all use these with our children. As they say “A pen is mightier than a sword” so is the power of words and its influence on the delicate brain of any child. Choose your words wisely while dealing with your child, find out a replacement for each and every negative sentence you have used with them. Use words like “You can do it better” instead of “You are good for nothing” OR use “Give me some time, I will help you” instead of “I don’t have time for this”. Sit and pen down few motivational one liner you can use to reinforce your child’s confidence and ability to learn. Don’t screw their brains with negativity; feed them positively on each step of development. A child’s mind is like delicate clay, you are capable of moulding it and strengthening it. Don’t waste this opportunity.

The School

MaxFort Pitampura

MaxFort School Pitampura
A Day at MaxFort
“When you make the finding yourself-even if you are the last person on Earth to see the light – you will never forget it.”
Carl Sagan
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Foundation Level
Children want the same things we want. To laugh, to be challenged, to be entertained and delighted.

Dr. Seuss

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MaxFort School Pitampura
Progressive Level
The most important function of education at any level is to develop the personality of
the individual and the significance of his life to himself and to others.

Grayson Kirk

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Core Philosophy

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